Beth’s Betrayal

Dan had just arrived home from a party at one of his friend’s houses. He was so horny it was only a matter of minutes before he was stroking his 7 inch white dick to his crush Beth. Beth was as close to perfect as Dan could ever picture a woman.

At 5’4 her extremely fit frame was a couple inches shorter than Dan’s  5’10 athletic build. She had several tattoos on her body including a very colorful sleeve on her toned arms. Dan also knew both her nipples were pierced from seeing her in a bathing suit.  Her hair which she was always changing was currently in a dark, mid-length curly style that she would sometimes straighten.

They had been friends for years, working together in high school and college.  Despite her being 3 years younger than Dan at 27 they had a mutual group of friends they hung out with. He was happy she had shown up to the party he had just come back from. She was picture perfect, never one to disappoint in appearance. She had on a tight pair of jeans that showed off her shapely ass, made shapelier by the 5 inch heeled boots she wore. And a loose fitting blouse showed off her toned arms and plenty of cleavage of her handful sized tits. 

As Dan stroked his dick, he couldn’t help but thinking why was he such a loser, just man up and ask her out. But the inner conflict began as it usually did, she’s got a reputation. She’s a slut, she’s not a big partier but she’s been known to go wild. And there’s all the pretty much confirmed rumors she cheats on almost all her boyfriends. I don’t know if I can handle that. Ugh but she is so hot. She’s so perfect, why won’t she just give me a chance. As the argument kept going in his head the fight subsiding to Dan picturing Beth in one of the extremely tall heels he had once seen in her closet she had left open while they were in her room discussing paint colors. It was one more thing that turned him on about her. He knew not only was she a slut but she could wear the highest of heels and move in them too. He just wished he could enjoy it firsthand.

Despite spending much of the evening together Beth was never far from her phone texting someone, Dan wasn’t sure who but he could only imagine it was some other guy who would no doubt get lucky at some point in the night. Dan had hoped that maybe Beth would spill something as a couple of them stepped outside to share a joint but to no avail this mysterious texter remained a secret. Leaving Dan now home alone playing with his dick while picturing Beth riding some dude’s cock.

Man she’s gotta know how I feel, girl’s aren’t stupid and she’s really smart plus she clearly knows what guys want, Dan thought to himself as he cleaned up the mess he had made with his cum.  The argument rattling his brain like it always did, especially after seeing her. He would do anything for her, to be with her.

Being busy Dan didn’t expect to see Beth for a few weeks, and was not surprised when through the grapevine he heard she had in fact starting seeing someone. It was also about this time when political turmoil began to take over the country, an uprising of blacks. Rumors that they were beating and killing white men, in gruesome fashion. Dan didn’t really believe what was going on, some twisted spin on the media probably. Everything in his area seemed normal. He had texted Beth some nonsense but like usual she didn’t really respond. 

Some weeks later Dan again texted Beth asking her a question but there was no response, She must really be into this new guy. No time for old friends. Just then his phone buzzed and he saw it was a text from Beth. But when he opened it was shocked to see a short video of what could only be her pussy being penetrated by a massive black cock. The clip was just a few seconds long and showed no face. As Dan sat there shocked and feeling sick, the phone buzzed again from Beth. “OMG, That was meant for my boyfriend Jack, not you! I’m so sorry!” Dan felt even more sick now. What was happening? Were the rumors true about Beth then? Did she really mean to send that to her boyfriend? Was she in on this new turmoil?


Dan felt his erection swell in his pants even as there was a twinge of pain in his chest. Before he even knew what he was doing he had freed his 7” dick and stroked himself to a gasping orgasm, heedless that he was spray cum all over his couch and coffee table.

He texted back. “No need to apologise, that was hot.”

Dan deliberated for a minute before hitting send. Beth’s response was immediate. “Thanks, you’re a sweetheart Lol :Kissing_face:”

He didn’t know what to text after that, but he did jerk off three more times that night. The short clip of Beth’s perfect pink pussy being stretched around a thick dark cock burning itself into his mind. Dan wanted to text her back over the next few days, but couldn’t for the life of him think of what to say.

Soon Dan was spending all of his free time watching interracial porn. He was astounded to find how popular the amateur stuff was. Videos filmed on cell phones, laptops and nanny cams of gorgeous white girls fucking black men. 

Sometimes the videos were filmed by boyfriends, or husbands, or even fathers, and Dan was surprised to find out how many of the women proclaimed that their bodies were only for black men, or that they hated whiteboys. That they were aroused at the thought of *white extinction* He didn’t understand why that made his cock twitch but it did. 

By the time Dan Saw Beth again at a friend’s pool party he was even more in love with her than he had been, he could hardly look at her without blushing. She caught his eye and winked at him and he was instantly hard. 

Dan, panicked and scuttled into the house, making his way to the empty basement. He pretended to be looking at an aquarium, while he tried to get his boner to subside

“Hey Stranger.” Dan stiffened, he hadn’t heard her come down the stairs.

“Hi Beth.” His voice croaked.

“I’ve missed hanging out with you.” She said, sounding sincere. “I haven’t heard from you in a while.”

“Uh, well. I figured you’re with Jack, right and it seemed like…”

Beth stepped in next to him, on hand on his chest.

“Jack’s old news, and besides, I think you know I can handle more than one man in my life at a time.”

She was so close to him, whispering in his ear. 

“Would you like that, Dan? You want to be in my life? My new white boyfriend? Want to see just what sort of kinky stuff I get up to?”

Beth ran her hand down his chest as she whispered in his ear, and with her last question she grazed gently over his prominent bulge, and Dan lost all control. He came right in his pants, as Beth began kissing him. Laughing. “Oh Dan, I’m so happy, I think we’re going to have a lot of fun.”

Dan followed her out of the party in a daze. She took his hand and lead him around, in such a way that it was impossible that his friends didn’t see the stain on his pants. He vaguely heard some girls laughing. 

Beth took his keys out of his pocket, her fingers teasing him back into hardness as she did so. 

“I think I should drive.” She said, and Dan mumbled agreement. 

When they got to Beth’s apartment Dan was unsurprised to find that it was a veritable shrine to Black culture and the sexual power of Black men.

Her bedroom was dimly lit, but Dan couldn’t help but notice the very large and very realistic black dildo on her nightstand. It looked familiar enough that he was sure it was modeled on one of the pornstars he’d been watching so much of recently.

Beth just laughed at the look on his face. “Don’t worry about that. I’m about to show you why you’re not competing with Black men, get on the bed. On your back. You can leave your pants on.”

Dan was entranced as Beth stripped of her shirt and climbed on top of him her skirt surrounding him as her bikini-clad sex filled his vision. Her legs pinned his arms to the plush mattress.

“I don’t expect you to be very good at this yet. Whiteboys usually aren’t, at least not compared to black men. On the other hand…” 

She said as the pulled the strings on her bikini undone and exposed her gooey, swollen sex.

“Real men aren’t usually willing to do it after someone else has fucked me.”

With that she pressed her well-fucked cunt to his mouth and Dan began licking. She was waxed or shaven smooth, and there was thick musky cum all over the puffy lips of her cunt. Clearly a lot had dripped out of her and been held there by her bikini bottom.

On her mound Beth had a tattoo he couldn’t quite make out. Until she angled forward and told him to suck on her clit. 

*Black Owned* it read, with a series of numbers printed neatly beneath. Dan’s cock twitched and strained in his pants. A wet stain forming at the head.

Beth was panting now, grinding herself forcefully against Dan’s mouth. Her breath coming rapidly as she approached climax. 

“Fuck yesss. Right there, don’t you dare stop sucking!” Beth moaned as she came on Dan’s face.

Pulling herself up she looked down on him. “Dan, that was pretty good, but I expect better if you want to last very long as my white-boyfriend. Do you still want that?”

Dan sputtered. “I do. I will do better next time.”

“Let’s see how well you eat ass, and…” she spun around on his face, bringing her perfect round butt down on his mouth. He hands sliding down the outside of his pants. “I’m going to see-“

Her words were trailed off as her legs covered his ears, muffling the sound. Dans face was squished between her tan butt cheeks as he gingerly stuck his tongue onto the soft wrinkled hole in between them.

Beth moaned softly as Dan’s tongue circled her puckered hole. She unzipped his jeans and released the pale erection throbbing and leaking within. She felt Dan groan at the slightest touch of her hand. 

“Not the smallest I’ve seen…” She said squirming on his tongue. She let a little saliva drip down to the throbbing member. Watching it twitch in response. Taking two fingers she briefly rubbed along his length. Suddenly he was spurting, four pulsing ropes of Jizz that she deftly caught in her discarded bikini bottom so that it didn’t stain the bedspread.

“But I think I’ll stick to real men.” She finished, then reaching over she fumbled into her nightstand. Putting more weight on Dan’s face she pinned him firmly to the bed with her ass.

Dan felt as beth slipped something cold and metal around his balls, and pushed his softening penis through. He couldn’t do anything and she slid more metal down his shaft and compressed everything tightly into place. One she had snapped the lock shut she lifted her weight off of him and he looked down to see his penis trapped in a small metal device.

Before he could say anything. Beth interrupted. “Open up.” Before stuffing her cummy bikini bottoms into his mouth. 

“I’m sure you already know what the cage on your dick is for. I don’t want you cheating on me, even just to jack off. I want you to be my horny and loyal white boyfriend, and the cage helps insure that. You know I used to date whiteboys and cheat on them and then we’d break up when they tried to get me to stop and it was a messy system. But you’re not going to try to get me to stop are you?”

Dan shook his head no.

“You’re excited that I’m a black owned white slut, aren’t you?”

Dan nodded yes.

“You’re gonna treat me like a queen just to be near to me while I submit my body and soul to black men, Isn’t that right?”

Dan nodded yes.

“Perfect. This is why I date whiteboys you know, you’re pathetic Dan, but I think it’s cute. Now go home, I have to be up early tomorrow. I want you to take me out for dinner in the evening. Somewhere fancy.”


The next few months were a whirlwind of sensations for Dan.

He got pics and videos of Beth daily, she had a series of lovers that she submitted herself to, including a mysterious master. Dan watched in sweet agony as his girlfriend sucked off a coworker every day at lunch. Had a quicky most Thursday afternoons, skipped and was late to dates because her lovers came first.

Most of all he liked Monday nights. 

On Monday’s Beth woke early put on a french maid uniform and went to her master’s house. Her master was a wealthy Black man with a large home and a family. Beth said he was an important man in the black supremacy movement, and she was one of nine white women that served his family. One for each weekday and two for the days of the weekend.

She made breakfast, packed school lunches and cleaned the house. Made dinner, and got used by each member of the family in whichever way they chose.

Most of the time they’d take pics or videos on her phone, so late Monday night he’d get a bunch of her favorites.

It tore his heart to shreds to see the woman he so worshipped get brutally buttfucked by her master’s teenage son, or gang banged by his friends. He’d swell and drip in his cage and tell her how beautiful she was.

Sometimes, if she was released early she would tell him to come over and lick her sore holes or just rub her feet, after she’d been doing housework in stilettos all day.

Beth would tell him how amazing it felt to serve the black race. Hearing the adoration in her voice, Dan grew to agree with her and her master about the rightness of black rule.

After months of begging and expensive gifts, Beth finally told Dan he could watch in person as one of her lover’s used her white body.

“He really hates us, well white boys mostly. It feels so vindicating when he fills my tight little butt with loads of angry black sperm. He only fucks my ass and  won’t even let me touch my clit while he does it.”

Beth shuddered with pleasure at the thought as she chained the whiteboy up in the bedroom closet.

She was dressed in some slutty lingerie, that approximated a schoolgirl outfit her dark hair in pigtails. Dan had his hands cuffed behind his back and his feet manacled together. His dick was free though, hard and dripping precum onto the closet floor.

“Now sit still and don’t make a sound. If you interrupt us, I don’t know what he’ll do.” And with that she dipped her fingers beneath the micro-mini plaid skirt and collected some of her wetness, which she rubbed on Dan’s lips and face.

A few minutes later Dan heard Beth squeal and then saw a hulking black man, built like a linebacker and probably 6’5″ carry Beth into the room over his shoulder and throw her onto the bed.

“Aaahhh” Beth screamed and laughed as she righted herself and opened up her top showing her perky pierced tits to the huge black man as he stripped out of his pants.

 He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her mouth down towards his crotch. She eagerly started suckling at his stiffening cock, her black lover soon began to thrust hard into her mouth. Her white-throat was nothing more than a fleshlight to him.

The brute of a man pulled out and ordered. Roll Over, on your knees and spread them cheeks whore. 

“Yes, Daddy!” Beth was quick to comply.

“Did I say you could speak whitegirl!?”

He shoved thick finger in her mouth coating them with saliva as he climbed behind her on the bed.

Through the slats of the closet door Dan stared into Beth’s eyes as she looked right at him. She gritted her teeth as one finger then two probed her asshole. 

Then grabbing her hair in one fist, her brutal lover pushed his rod into her butt.

“Oh my God” she mouthed. Then she was moaning as his long strokes started to rub at the backside of her G-spot.

Dan couldn’t believe the front row seat to he had to this scene. Beth’s perfect body was putty in the hands of this god. He treated the woman Dan had come to worship as a fucktoy and she loved it. Streams of juices were flowing down her thighs as she came again and again from the relentless sodomy.

Dan’s own dick was twitching and leaking watching this. With his hands cuffed behind his back there was nothing he could do about it. Then he noticed a discarded bra on the floor of the closet. 

Taking his eyes off the action for a moment. He twisted his body and bent down to try to bring his needy dick into contact with the silky material. Losing his balance he gave a muttered fuck as the fell against the closet door knocking it wide open.

“What the fuck!” The sound of sex stopped as dan tried to wriggle around to see what was happening. “What did I tell you I’d do if I ever caught another one of your whiteboys peeping”

Dan got turned over to see the giant of a man staring down at him, Massive erection jutting out from his perfectly sculpted body. A boot clad foot came down his head. Dan’s nose broke with an explosion of pain and everything went dark.


“Oh you’re alive. I guess I should take you to a hospital.” 

Beth was leaning over him looking curiously down, like she was examining a bug. It hurt to breathe and his whole body ached.

“I don’t suppose you will want to do that again. Which is too bad, Daddy fucked me so hard after he was done stomping you. I’ve never cum so hard in my life.”

Dan groaned in approval. He winced as he got to his feet. A least one rib was broken and he had bruises everywhere. 

Beth caim in with a glass of water and some aspirin. “He just kept telling me how worthless whiteboys are and that he was glad we were going extinct. He said we should just throw your body in the dumpster. I’ve got to be honest, it excited me to think he had murdered you.”

Dan was dumbstruck. Waiting in the ER in one of Beth’s bathrobes he kept thinking about what she said. When his very obvious erection started poking through the robe, he had to admit that the thought excited him too.


 Country Club Massacre: Exclusive Club Victim of attack during annual gala. No survivors reported. 

President James B Williams dead of apparent suicide. Succeeded by Amanda Jackson.

Billionaire CEO killed in industrial accident!

It was getting harder for Dan to ignore the changes going on around him. There were places in town where it wasn’t safe to be a whiteboy. 

The government was locked in debate about how to handle the sharp rise in disappearances and suicides among white males, along with a spiking murder rate.

Old white conservatives were calling it a public health crisis, and terrorism. But they were voted down again and again by rational arguments pointing out that the birthrate was rising and that involving the military would only escalate things.

The conservative voices were drowned out of the media and public spheres until the astounding stories of white deaths ceased to be considered front page news. When several prisons experienced a total purge of white inmates the week before a radical prison reform law was set to release thousands of convicts, it was barely a sentence in a glowing story about the progressive reform.

Dan finally asked Beth what was going to happen. “They’re killing us, aren’t they?” 

Beth giggled, “well d’uh! It’s a new world out there Dan. Some people have to die for things to change.”

Dumbstruck Dan sputtered. “What if we left? I have savings I could take you anywhere.”

“Don’t be stupid. I’m not in any danger, I am already property. I’m looking forward to the new way of things. And you should be too.”

“But, but, I might be killed any day out there.”

Beth looked at him and thought about it for a moment.

“Then submit, you’re already my bitch and you love it. If you think you’re ready you could volunteer to become a slave in my master’s house. He’s actually having slave quarters built right now for when the new regime goes public.”

Dan was already blubbering with gratitude. “What do I have to do?”


After selling his car, home electronics, his grandfather’s watch, and emptying his 401k and savings Dan had a respectable pile of cash to present to Beth’s Master.

After a few days of living off the last of his credit cards Beth texted Dan to meet her at her apartment. 

Getting out of his uber, Dan was surprised to see her waiting outside. She stood in towering heels made up like she was going to a gala opening, only her dress was cut up to mid thigh and the neckline plunged nearly to her navel. Her firm young tits. She took the backpack full of cash that represented his total net-worth then reached out for his cell phone.

“You’re never going to need it again. Slaves don’t get a social life so there’s gonna be no one for you to call.”

Beth smiled at Dan as he handed it over. 

“All you need to focus on is passing the examination, and then serving the Master and me when he starts breeding me. Maybe you’ll be allowed to help care for my superior black babies.”

Dan felt oddly happy as a black Lincoln town car pulled up. Beth gave him a quick hug as the driver got out and opened the door.

She climbed into the back seat, but a hand on his chest stopped him from following. The chauffeur gestured to the open trunk and Dan took a quick look in to see Beth working to open the belt of a familiar looking black man. Before he climbed into the trunk.


The drive wasn’t terribly uncomfortable, but it took a good hour or so. Curled up in the trunk Dan tried to place the face of Beth’s master.

In the backseat Beth was worshipping the thick black cock of Secretary Johnson.

“So you think he’ll make a good slave?”

*slurp* “mmmhmmm”

Have you broken this one pretty well?

*pop* ” ah, yes master. He’s broken like a beaten puppy.

The Secretary smiled as Beth sucked him back into her mouth. His fingers plunged into her slutty white cunt making her moan delightfully around his cock. He had an Idea.

The car pulled into a private garage and Dan was let out of the trunk. Following Beth’s instructions he kept his gaze low and followed behind her and her master as they took an elevator up to the reception area for the new black rule headquarters.

“Terrance family, your trial is ready!” A stunning black woman lead a blonde woman on a leash, followed by her husband and teenage son, both also on leashes. Down a hallway and disappeared.

The next two hours were like being in a surreal DMV. Dan stood in a line to check in, while across the room Beth was rubbing her master’s feet while he reclined in a lounge area for black sponsors or would be slaves.

Dan filled out form after form detailing his personal information, background, health and sexuality.

 “Have you ever had sex with a woman?”

 “If so when was the last time?” 

“Have you ever impregnated anyone?”

“Do you intend to have sex with a woman in the future?”

“Have you ever had sex with a man?” 

“If so, were you the Top (penetrating partner) or Bottom (receiving partner)?

“Does pain excite you sexually?”

And on and on. 

Then he waited patiently in an uncomfortable plastic chair while other white slaves had their names called.

He saw the stunning black lady return with a smile on her face as she pulled the leash of the blonde woman. The teenager was in a wheelchair with an ice pack between his legs and the husband was nowhere to be seen.

A cold feeling settled in Dan’s stomach. 

When their names were called, Beth took Dan’s hand and squeezed it as they both followed her master down to one of the examination rooms.

The room was set up like a small theater, with the spotlight on a metal x-frame and seats and couches on a raised area hidden by shadow. 

Dan got the feeling that there were a lot of eyes on him, as Beth pushed him into the arms of a few tall, Muscular orderlies. 

“Good Luck.” She chirped, and went to join her master in the observation area.

In moments, Dan was securely fastened to the metal frame. His arms stretched out as far as they would go. Freed of its cage, his 7” white cock stood erect and wavered with each of his little movements. 

The light was bright and he could only see the outline of a woman behind the camera. He could hear he heard a gasp and the wet sound of slow fucking, somewhere back in the darkness, Beth was with her master, feeling the incredible pleasure of black cock. 

“Good morning l Dan, you should know that we are recording your examination here for other members of the movement to observe. So don’t be shy and put on a good show.” Dan was sure he recognized the voice as a local news Anchor. It seemed like all the rich and powerful black people in the country were a part of this. 

“What is your name?”


“Dan, please tell the people watching online why you are here today.”

“I am here to submit fully to black supremacy. I am rejecting whiteness and white privilege and I humbly offering my servitude to the black race. I hope to be allowed to serve alongside my girlfriend…. Er I mean sponsor, as a chaste and cuckolded slave to her master.” 

“Thank you Dan, Do you hereby consent to abide by the decisions of the tribunal as well as your sponsor and her owner?”

“I do.”

“Very good. Your body will now be marked as a slave of the black race. As a male, this will happen by branding.”

A man wearing a black hood stepped into view holding a white hot branding Iron. Dan struggled to hold still as he felt the radiating heat get closer to his skin. When the iron was pressed into the flesh of his neck, he couldn’t even scream. It was held there for what felt like minutes before being taken away. Even with it gone his skin felt like it was on fire. The smell of burnt meat filled his nostrils as he gasped and cried. 

A deep red wound was blistering on his neck in the shape of Beth’s Master’s crest. 

The sounds of fucking were louder now, Beth was cumming loudly out there. She had enjoyed watching him suffer, that was okay. It had to happen for them to be together. She should enjoy it. There were other moans too, more people were out there getting off to his pain and humiliation.

“The tribunal has also decided that as a sexually mature, non-virgin white male you may not be allowed to remain chaste, you have defiled women with your inferior seed and will therefore be castrated.”

“What? No. please.” Dan began to protest, but he was cut off by Beth howling, “Oh my god, yes. Fuck me while they castrate the whiteboy. I want to feel your big beautiful balls pumping black sperm into my womb while they do it!”

Dan was still in shock from the branding and could hardly make sense of the words. A Woman in scrubs and a face mask, wheeled over a surgical tray. An elastrator tool was already prepped, and the castratixes gloved hands quickly slipped the rubber band around Dan’s scrotum tightly to the base of his penis. The rubber band snapping down hit Dan like a punch to the guts, and he cried out and jerked in pain. 

The woman let him writhe in agony for a few moments before taking a firm grip on his testicles with one hand and swiftly bringing a scalpel to them. I took almost a minute of cutting before his scrotum came away in her hands. The rubber band prevented much bleeding. And with a quick spray of liquid bandage, Dan was left a whimpering white eunuch.

He could just make out the naked black man standing by Mistress X, his cock glistened wetly, The man leaned close and spoke quietly into her ear. Then Beth came into view, beautiful and well fucked, She smiled as she leaned in and whispered something that made Mistress X chuckle.

“Dan, It is now time for your final commitments, do you want to know the pronouncement of your sponsor or her owner first?”

Bleary eyed, Dan thought sluggishly. Beth cared for him, hers would be kind for certain. Her master though… Dan’s heart pounded in his chest wondering what the powerful black man had decided for his fate.

“Please, I would hear what my master has decided first.”

He could hear the smile in the woman’s voice as she pronounced. “Your sponsor’s owner has agreed that you may be allowed to live on his estate as a dog. That you would be allowed to stay in the kennels and your sponsor may keep you as her pet. To ensure that you do not forget that you are nothing more than an animal in his household. You must be made unable to stand or function like a man.”

“What… What does that mean.”

The woman who had castrated him, returned with an assistant and a step ladder. Dan could sense them behind him as they started their work. Firm hands grasped his index finger and stretched it out. Then he felt cold metal on his skin for a moment, before a horrible crushing pain, as his finger was cut off at the first knuckle. Dan screamed and tried to ball his remaining fingers into a fist, but the women were professionals, and one by one they pruned off all ten of his fingers and cauterised the wounds, leaving him with useless paws. 

As he stood there gaping at his ruined hands. He felt a tourniquet tied around his legs. Then without ceremony or anesthetic, his hamstrings were cut. His legs collapsed beneath him, and Dan was kept upright only by the manacles securing his forearms.

Beneath the pulsing pain in his legs. He could feel the wicked doctors injecting him with something, and soon could no longer feel or command his legs beneath the knee. The useless meat below his knees was bent back and fastened in place so they wouldn’t drag on the ground as he crawled like a dog for the rest of his life.

The restraints were loosened and Dan was lowered to the floor. He was broken now. He would never walk upright again, only crawl on hands and knees. A loyal dog to Beth. He shook with giddy laughter. At least it was over. He would be allowed to live. And be near her. He could still lick her, as she served as a house-slave to her master. 



“Dan, it’s Beth. Can you hear me?”

Dan looked up, standing there. Naked, cum dripping from her swollen and well fucked cunt.

“I’m sorry Dan, I thought it would be fun to have a slave of my own, but I don’t want to take care of a useless whiteboy. I’m going to be too busy caring for Master’s black babies. He’s decided to breed me!” She giggled with joy as he stared at her, covered in blood and dumbstruck.

“I… I… I don’t understand. I did everything they asked.” He choked on the words. “I thought we were going to be together, I’d help you raise a family of superior babies.”

“Not anymore whiteboy. You’re as useless to me as a stray dog now. So, I’m just going to put you down, and get on with my life. Maybe, I’ll have better luck with the next whiteboy.”

Dan saw then that she had a fire axe by her side. Beth hefted it and swung it down into the whiteboys face. Dan’s last whining protests were cut off in a spray of warm blood that made Beth’s cunt twitch. She kept swinging until Dan’s pathetic head was split open and crushed.

When his body stopped jerking she dropped the axe and plunged into her messy cunt, almost immediately she had a squirting orgasm right there on his corpse.  Whiteboys were so fucking stupid, she couldn’t wait until they were all gone.

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