The Future History of the VWD

Sometimes the greatest steps forward are small ones. 

All it took was a constitutional amendment guaranteeing all citizens the right to die. Once the 28th amendment was ratified suicide, and assisted suicide were no longer crimes. It was now a legal act of mercy to end the suffering of those who could bear it no longer. 

Coincidentally it seemed white males could no longer bear the fact that they were not in fact superior to other races or sexes in any way. Far from it, without institutional prejudice to hold them up, white boys began to see themselves for what they really were. Inferior. 

Most hospitals offering end of life services did notice that their patients were predominately white, heterosexual, cis-males, the service was not advertised and most americans were unaware of the growing trend.

The earliest examples of Voluntary Whiteboy Disposal showed up at fetish clubs and as services offered by high end dominatrixes. Before long searches for “loser disposal” and ‘“whiteboy disposal” would pop up amatuer videos of whiteboys hanging themselves, or being smothered with plastic bags, often with an interracial coupling in the foreground. This was really only the most extreme example of a trend in pornography that had been going on for decades. Nearly 85% of all porn made and consumed in the US featured black male performers. Much of that was cuckold themed, featuring whiteboys somewhere in the background usually being humiliated, tortured or ignored. 

Five years after the country guaranteed americans the right do die when and how they wished, a black supremacist organisation founded the first Voluntary Whiteboy Disposal center. At the VWD a whiteboy could volunteer to end his life with an erotic thrill of watching his female “sponsor” engage in sex acts with hung black men. Initially the VWD catered mostly to married lifelong cuckold couples, looking for the next big thrill, but eventually VWD themed pornography, and VWD sponsored events started bringing in younger whiteboys chasing the ultimate orgasm.

 The VWD garnered attention right from the get go. Many people tried to get it shut down, but it’s services were growing popular and nothing they were doing was technically illegal. As more locations opened up, their ambitions expanded along with their offered services.

Whiteboys could choose their method of disposal from a wide variety, from lethal injection, hanging, suffocation, to beheading, blunt force trauma, or even being fed alive into an industrial crusher shredder. Often the method of disposal was left up to sponsors as a thanks for allowing the volunteer to live out their fantasy. 

As an end of life services provider the VWD was technically licensed as a medical center and soon began offering women free abortions for white fetuses. At the same time offering “fertility treatments” from their staff of big-cocked black studs. Orchiectomy (commonly called castration) was another service provided, along with easy access to female hormones and androgen blockers. Any operation that inhibited whiteboys procreating, or helped women get black pregnant was soon available in every major city at minimal cost. 

A common critique of the VWD was that it often was not voluntary at all. A consent form was accepted without question, and seemingly could never be revoked. It was rumoured that the VWD took consent form with obviously forged signatures. Or that their parties, raves, sex-clubs and gloryholes would trick unsuspecting whiteboys into agreeing to disposal whether they wanted it or not. Many women became serial sponsors bringing boyfriend after boyfriend to their deaths in order to satiate their obscene lust and dark fantasies. The ability for parents to consent to medical procedures on their children’s behalf meant that whiteboys under 21 could be forced to undergo castration or disposal if their mothers decided it was a good idea.

Investigations into the matter tended to be fruitless. White male agents looking into allegations of illegal disposal at the VWD were rarely heard from again, leaving behind nothing but a notarized consent form. Female agents were soon converted to the VWD’s cause and refused to testify. 

Ten years after its founding the VWD had disposed of over 25 million white males, not including abortions, or castrations. As well as contributing to the birth of nearly 100 million mixed-race babies, effectively changing the racial makeup of america. Today Voluntary Whiteboy Disposal has become the leading cause of death for white males in all age groups.  Whiteboy Disposal is an increasingly common fetish, as well as producing the most subscribed to pornographic publications, multiple Hollywood blockbusters and even a sitcom.

2 thoughts on “The Future History of the VWD”

  1. I’m a white boy and I want to sumit myself completely to any black man and become his property and I would love to voluntary be disposed of, and I want to be beaten and raped to death I want a group of black men to brutally rape me for hours on end and then I want them to beat me and stomping me to death, I want them to stomp my face in until I’m dead please and I want them to cut off my white dick and balls and make me eat them before they finish me off and stomping me to death, yes please whare can I sign up for the voluntary white boy disposal centers I want to voluntary be disposed of please.


  2. I volunteer. I mean it. If there is any way to do it, even if its semi legal, black market/mafia way, I do it.
    I just need an attractive woman to show a bit of cleavage and I am going to sign and consent to anything. Its my ultimate fantasy I want to fulfill.


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