Voluntary Whiteboy Disposal Honeymoon

All through high school Angelina and Sam were the “it couple.” She was a seriously stacked redhead and Salutatorian for her graduating class, and Sam was a blonde, blue-eyed all-american football star. By Senior year Sam had a full-ride scholarship to Duke University, and Angelina could get into any school she wanted, but was firmly decided that she too would attend duke. Nothing she thought would ever separate them. That’s why come prom night neither of them concerned themselves with protection as they lived out the american teenage dream in a hotel suite.

A month later Angelina was pregnant, and both of their parents insisted on marriage immediately after graduation. Angelina was radiant as she walked down the aisle seven months pregnant to spend the rest of her life with the man of her dreams and father of her child. But her sister, and maid of honor had other plans.

Jessica had been in college for the past two years and had learned what it was to be with a real man. She had been sleeping with black men exclusively since she hooked up with a stud named  Andre freshman year. Andre had demonstrated black supremacy to Jessica, and introduced her to a fledgling movement pushing for the legalization of what they called “disposal” of white men. White men, Andre said were a plague upon the earth, the evil oppressors of every other group in history and they were weak, and ready to be eliminated.

Jessica started dating white boys for Andre, denying them sex and worming her way into their brains. Then, when they were addicted to masturbating and following her orders she would get them to kill themselves, by promising the best orgasm they ever had. Many hanged themselves jerking it to the sight of Andre’s big black cock splitting open Jessica’s tight white pussy. Their deaths would be ruled autoerotic asphyxiation. This Andre said was a temporary measure till assisted suicide became legalized and the plan was to have centers in every city devoted to disposing of white boys.

Taking advantage of a legal grey area, and international waters however, provided an opportunity for Jessica and Andre to give Angelina and Sam a very special Honeymoon cruise. Jessica had been telling Angelina about the amazing sex she had with black men, but Angelina said she she could never cheat on Sam, and that five inches was more than enough cock for her. She even resisted the advances the Black stripper Jessica provided for the bachelorette party, although she did get quite an eyeful of his tremendous package.

The Honeymoon Cruise however was impossible to turn down, four weeks on a luxury VWD liner touring the hottest islands of the Caribbean and finally down to Rio De Janeiro for a long weekend in a five-star resort. Having to fly out right after the reception Angelina and Sam were exhausted when they boarded the cruise liner and didn’t take much notice of the fact that the liner only had white couples as passengers and only black crewmen.

The first morning the were roused bright and early for a celebration marking their passage into international waters. Free alcohol had inhibitions flowing as all of the white couples danced and partied. Soon the entertainers started putting their plans into action and introduced ship wide game of truth or dare that was designed to get people into an adventurous mood, while introducing the idea of swinging being okay on vacation, getting couples to make out with strangers, flash each other, compare dick sizes, soon became competitions in which the more adventurous wives tried to get off a big black stud before one of the female entertainers could get off her husband. Penalties for the inevitable loss were things like chastity devices for the men, or being locked in a “party jail” where every wall was video of the sexiest scenes of the party, interspersed with simple interracial pornography.

Angelina may not have been drinking but the atmosphere was infectious, literally there were arousal agents in the air and in the drinking water. After An hour of the games she had made out with another woman, and both Sam and her had lost their clothes to forfeits. Angelina was super horny and hadn’t yet gotten to fuck her husband since they got married. She took Sam by the hand and headed back to their suite. but in order to get out of the ballroom they were in, they had to pass a challenge. Sam had to last 90 seconds without orgasming while one of the black entertainers rubbed herself on him. Horny as he was, after about thirty seconds he lost his load between a pair of beautiful brown buttcheeks and before he knew it he was locked in a Steel chastity cage. To get the key, they were told they’d have to win a competition, The Cuckold Rodeo.

Four couples, two a bit older  and the other young like Sam and Jessica were brought to the center of the room, where for well hung black studs stood next to for saddle shaped devices, sybians they were told. The three other couples with locked up husbands were introduced and the rules were explained as follows: only one key was available to win today. The winner would be the first couple make their “bull” orgasm, before their “cuckold” creamed themselves on the saddle. The wives couldn’t touch the bulls unless their cuckold was firmly seated on the saddle which had a lifelike seven-inch black dildo sticking out of it. The last couple to complete the task, or the first cuckold to cream themselves before their bull “popped” would have to “walk the plank” the other cuckolds would have to wait for tomorrow to get another opportunity to play for release.

This was clearly getting out of hand and Jessica and Sam were reluctant to get involved in something this lewd, but the woman who had brought them over there, after locking Sam up, whispered that they it wasn’t really cheating, and since Sam had just popped they had an advantage. The couple barely had time to think it over before a bell rung and the older two of the other couples jumped into action. Each of the men was lubing themselves up, as their wives started greasing the sybian, and within moments one of the cuckolds had gotten the whole thing inside his ass and his wife rushed over and knelt in front of their bull. “Trust me, you don’t want to forfeit.” said the entertainer that brought them over.

Reluctantly Sam found himself lowering his ass onto a large black cock, while his wife urged him to hurry so she could go get started on the real thing. Just getting the head of the thing in was hard, but after that each inch felt like a yard. Eventually he had the whole thing crammed into his previously very-virgin ass, and could tell that if he weren’t so tipsy and horny, this would hurt a lot worse. With Sam’s weight ont the saddle the device came to life and started to vibrate gently, tickling a spot that Sam didn’t know he had, His cock twitched. “Hurry” he urged his new bride.

“Damn girl.” The Bull in front of Jessica said, “You look about ready to pop. I’d like to get a baby into myself.” Jessica just blushed and lowered her pregnant frame to groin level and started tugging on the Fat ten-inch cock in front of her. “I’m no little white boy, this cock’s isn’t going to blow for a handjob.” Jessica looked over and saw the wife from the first eager couple, taking her mouth off the slobbery cock before and turning around so she could fit it in her drooling cunt. she turned around to look at Sam who was staring at the spectacle with eyes half rolled back in his head from the prostate massage that was getting more intense as time went on. He shook his head towards her not just approving of her giving a strange black man a blowjob, but enthusiastically encouraging it. Jessica took the fat head into her mouth and started sucking. It was so much bigger than Sam’s and already leaking a ton of sweet pre-cum. The scent of the powerful black man before her filled her nostrils and she bobbed back and forth, trying to get the whole damn thing in her mouth.

Suddenly there was applause as the woman taking it doggy style pulled off to reveal a pussy overflowing with black cum. The other wives took notice and also got in position to take their bulls vaginally. Jessica’s Bull said, “they got the right Idea sweetheart.” This time Jessica didn’t even look to Sam as she pulled her bull down to the mat and got on top of him. She couldn’t suppress a moan as she lowered her cunt, which she now realized was sodden down onto the massive cock below her. She got it about halfway in before she had a gut wrenching orgasm from the way this black cock split her open. She almost blacked out it was so intense, and then people were cheering. The woman who already got her bull to pop, had her sloppy cunt shoved in her husband’s face and he was dripping a stream of pearly liquid out of his cock caged.

Moments later another cheer erupted as the other mature woman revealed a dripping creampie, the sight of which apparently drove her husband over the edge because he groaned and released a big gooey load onto his saddle. Now they were playing to see who lost, and Jessica could hear Sam urging her to fuck faster and harder.

Sam was barely holding it back as he watched his pregnant bride bounce up and down on a cock so big it belonged in porn. The vibrating saddle had kicked it up a notch as each of the first two couples completed the challenge and Sam was swimming in a sea of pleasure and pain he had never imagined. In front of him Jessica’s Cunt was stretching on a huge cock, and to his left he could see a young blonde woman doing the same, even harder. He was practically crying as he tried not to cum, when suddenly the crowd started jeering, and he could see that the other husband was being pulled off the Saddle. The bell rung signalling the end of the competition, but both of the wives were too lost in the moment to stop riding their bulls. Sam felt a sudden release of pressure and then blacked out as he unloaded every ounce of cum from his balls in one intense stream of bliss.

Chip Albright  was in shock as he was pulled up off the saddle that he had just willingly sodomized himself on. In front of him, his wife Debbie was riding her bull with an intensity that Chip had never seen in their bedroom at home. Someone handed him a big 25 pound anchor and a length which was then clipped onto the chastity cage he was wearing. His wife was pulled off of her bull, protesting the whole time and they were led in a procession out to the deck.

Went Mr Jackson, his boss had gifted he and his wife Debbie an all expense paid VWD cruise, Chip had no idea what he was getting into, this was so debauched. Whatever the forfeit was, Chip figured “walking the plank” involved a diving board, or maybe a dunk tank, so he was surprised when he was lead onto the deck where a real plank went through an opening in the railing. The black man leading the procession spoke up. “As forfeit, cuck, you have to walk the plank, but don’t worry your wife can throw you a life ring. Just as soon as she locks herself into a chastity device.” Behind him Debbie was between two half naked black men in tight lifeguard uniforms. One held a Big metal bikini bottom type thing, with heavy duty locks and a White and orange life ring, the other he noticed was rubbing his wife’s cunt and whispering in her ear.

Chip gulped, but then the man in charge leaned over towards him and whispered. “Don’t worry kid, it’s safe, we have divers in place already.” Meanwhile the Lifeguard groping Debbie was telling her that once the chastity device goes on, it won’t come off for the rest of the cruise. So she should get at least one last orgasm in before going for it. Besides Chip looked like a good swimmer.

The man in charge prompted Chip out onto the plank. “She can’t grab the belt till you jump, and if you make me push you I’ll make her wait longer.” Chip waved to his wife and said “I love you honey.” before stepping off the edge of the plank. He seemed to fall for a very long time, and when he hit the water it knocked the wind out of him so he dropped the anchor, which in turn yanked on his balls so hard it felt like they were going to come off, but instead it just dragged him underwater. It took Chip a minute to get to the surface and pull up the chains so he could tread water. He looked anxiously up at the deck for his wife to throw the life ring.

As soon as Chip went over the edge, the lifeguard holding debbie whipped out his cock and rubbed it against her throbbing cunt. She was so close, she could just fuck this guy real quick and get off, and then she’d put on the chastity belt and save Chip. “Damn him for cumming like a fag on that dildo.” she thought. “Now she wasn’t going to get to cum again for this whole vacation.” She moaned a she felt the big black cock behind her press between her labia. Oh god. how was she going to live without this.

The crowd cheered as they watched Debbie albright cum all over a giant black cock,when she stopped shaking she tried to pull away and go for the chastity device, but the bull behind tugged on her hips and plunged back into her once, and she lost focus and started fucking him back, again. And again. After a bit she found the other lifeguard standing in front of her guiding his penis into her mouth. By the time she realized that the ship had started moving again Chip had already been pulled, balls first, to the bottom of the ocean. She couldn’t save him now, even if she wanted to.

Sam woke up the next morning with a painful sensation as his penis tried to get hard in it’s cage. Jessica was on the bed next to him moaning softly in her sleep. She was still naked, and her cunt was swollen and plastered in a lot of dried cum. He had been so exhausted after the rodeo that Jessica had to get help to carrying him to their cabin. He had heard a lot of cheering outside when he was flopped down onto the bed had no idea what had happened to the loser of yesterday’s competition. Jessica had been nearly as exhausted, but after a nap she had gotten up and gone in search of food. In the Cantina had had to compete against some of the other white women to see who could swallow the most of a long Jelly dildo, as a forfeit she had offered up Sam’s Chastity for another day, and when she lost, Sam’s name was naked down on list saying he couldn’t compete for freedom until the day after tomorrow.

It felt like eating dinner made her super horny again and she regretted that Sam wouldn’t be able to fuck for two days now. At a nearby table a pair of couples was having an excited conversation. An asian woman, seated next to a cowed looking white man was talking animatedly

“…I can’t even believe how hot that was, she just kept fucking her brains out and let him drown.”

“I know,” said a the brunette at the table.”Steve her came in his pants watching him go under for the last time while his wife was getting spitroasted by those studs.”

“I think he’d like to see what you’d do in her position.” said the asian woman.

“I hope he gets to find out.” the other replied as both men at the table blushed.

She wasn’t sure what exactly happened but as she was walking back to her cabin she bumped into her Bull from the Rodeo. “Hey there, sweet thing. I was hoping I’d see you again.” Jessica blushed and stammered as she realized that she had cheated on her husband with this hunk, on her honeymoon. And he was standing in front of her with a semi-erection in his mesh briefs. Jessica just stared at his cock for a moment shocked by it’s size and virility, feeling her loins flush with desire.

“I’m Jason.” The obsidian hunk in front of her offered. “Where are you headed…?” He paused. “Jessica,” she stammered. “I was going back to check on my husband Sam.”

“I bet he’s pretty tired out after earlier, anal seems to takes a lot out of white boys, but once they get a taste, they can’t get enough of it.” Jessica didn’t know what to say to that.

“Mind if I walk with you?” Jason inquired. Jessica said she didn’t and the two of them headed towards her cabin.

“I was serious before” Jason continued. “I’d love to put a black baby up inside of you.”

That made Jessica laugh. “Well, as you see I’m kind of occupied at the moment.”

“That doesn’t really matter. The ship’s doctor would be happy to take care of that problem, probably only take an hour to do.”

Jessica knew that she should be horrified. but she was just baffled by what he meant. He couldn’t possibly be suggesting what it sounded like. Then she thought of the conversation she overheard in the cantina.

“Um, do you know what happened with the couple who lost the, uh, rodeo?”

That brought a grin to Jason’s face. “Sure do, I was there servicing a few of the clients while they watched.” He said thrusting his hips for emphasis.

“Watched what?”

“That blonde bimbo fuck a couple of studs, while her husband took the forfeit.”

“Which was?”

“He had to walk the plank, like they said, with an anchor tied to his nuts. He would have been fine if his wife was willing to stop getting fucked long enough to toss him a life ring.”

Jessica gasped. “That’s horrible, he drowned?”

“Don’t act so surprised, I’ve felt you cumming on my cock. Would you give up on a real fucking from a real man to save your white boy?”

She couldn’t believe it. “But that’s murder.”

“Nope, it was disposal. I mean technically it will be reported as a suicide, along with the others.”

“What do you mean the others?” Jessica asked terrified of the answer.

“The other white boys. This is a Voluntary White-Boy Disposal cruise. I’d be surprised if a single white-boy made it to Rio alive, they all have the Extinction ittch, ya know. The way you want to be bred by superior black man. White boys they know it is in the best interest of the species if they die. I you get them wound up enough with pussy and the sight of what a real man looks like and they start turning into lemmings.”

Jessica felt light headed. Fortunately they were at her cabin. She turned to leave but Jason grabbed her and pulled her close. “I know you want another taste of this big black dick.” He growled.

Jessica was acutely aware of the dampness between her thighs. “I don’t know, where would we..?”

“You’ve got a perfectly good bed right there.”

Jessica allowed herself to be backed into the cabin. “Sam is sleeping.”

“Sam is also officially useless to you, locked up as he is.” Jason lowered her down onto the bed, and spread her legs. She was wearing a bikini, that was barely noticeable under her pregnant belly.  “Put a pillow under yo’ ass.” He ordered as he undid the strings to her bikini bottoms and spread her legs.

Jessica was powerless to resist him at this point and tilted back her pelvis to give Jason the best access to her Cunt. “God, fuck me.”

“Yeah, that’s more like that. I am a god to you, you dirty  white whore.” Jason said as he started to press into her. Jessica let out a moan. Jason slowed and pulled back, leaving just the tip of his cock pressing through the folds of her sex. “Gods demand sacrifice don’t they, whore.”

He thrust in just a little as her body begged for him. “Answer me.” He said.

“Yes, please fuck me.” she cried.

“Not unless you agree to trade Sam’s cock for the rest of the week. He stays locked up, or I walk out the door.”

“A week. What will I tell him?”

“Whatever you want. Do we have a deal?’

“Yes. Fine!” Jessica said, and then gasped as Jason pushed all ten inches of his thick black cock into her at once. He fucked her like a freight train. She couldn’t believe how good this felt, how much better sex was with a real man. Jason made her say as much, told her to beg for his big black cock, to say how much better he was than her husband, to say that she wanted to be black bred. He made her beg to fuck her hard enough to abort the baby, and she believed it might happen, as his huge tool hammered on her cervix she came think that it might be killing the white baby inside of her. When Jason was done with her, she was oozing cum and practically brain dead. She fell asleep within moments of him pulling out and leaving the cabin.

When Jessica woke up to Sam spooned in behind her, everything was perfect in her world. She lay in the arms of her new husband and as she felt the metal cage around his penis things came flooding back to her, she flushed with arousal at the memories of yesterday, but she was scared of what was happening. Sam was upset when he found out that he was to locked in chastity for the first week of his honeymoon. But as he learned exactly what was going on on the ship he realized it was a blessing in disguise. Since he wasn’t eligible to compete for release he didn’t have to risk his ass in humiliating competition. Drugs in the food and the free flowing alcohol had everyone very relaxed and aroused by the situation. For the few uncaged men their partners we insatiable, whereas the wives and girlfriends of locked up men were increasingly frustrated as most of them got a taste or two of Black cock, and then were cut off unless there was a forfeit.

Sam had to admit that he was weirdly aroused by the “dance competition.” Women entered their husbands and boyfriends to go onto a stage with chairs and nooses. With nooses around their necks the men were begged by their wives to step off into empty air so that the Black crew men would fuck them And they did. The rules to the dance competition were simple: Last man dancing wins, and each of the wives could go and cut their husbands down whenever they wanted, they just had to give up getting fucked. Five guys jerked and struggled over their partners fornicating bodies until one by one they lost consciousness. When there was just one left the nooses were lowered and the winner was released from chastity. Only two of the men actually died though, the others just passed out, but they came to with the knowledge that their wives would rather fuck other men than save their lives.

Jessica and Sam were embarrassed by how turned on they were seeing men  throwing their lives away so their wives could pleasure real men. It was hard not to notice that all of the black crewmen were sporting much bigger cocks that the white boys, and they were all in peak physical condition. Jessica spent a lot of time openly mastubating  of havingg Sam eat her out while they watched the cruise continue into debauchery.

There was a smother race where the women sat with their cunts press over the nose and mouth of their tied down white-boy and tried to suck off three black men before their white-boy suffocated.  Jessica recognized the asian women from the cantina in that one and watched her deliberately take her time licking up and down each black cock rather than try and rush them off. Jessica realized what was going on and pointed out to Sam, and they both realized that the women whose white-boys had been disposed got to fuck black cock pretty much non-stop. Jessica came at the thought, while Sam squirmed in his cage.

One day there was a “dive competition.” The ship had pulled up close to some gorgeous shallow reefs, and in the crystal clear water you could see right to the bottom. Ten women were handed the keys to their white-boy’s chastity device, each weighted with a bright colorful number. Then the water was chummed with the remains of one of the previous night’s losers. Dozens of sharks swarmed the area in a frenzy. The women were told that they could unlock their husbands, and be off limits for black men for the rest of the cruise, or they could throw it overboard. All ten women tossed their keys in the drink, and were embraced by a hung stud as reward. The whiteboy were then educated about their cages, which were designed to slice through their genital tissue if tampered with without the correct key. This was demonstrated on a banana, which splattered everywhere. Either retrieve your keys or be locked up forever. The guys all took the plunge, and it was hard to decide whether to watch the Interracial orgy on deck or the feeding frenzy in the waters. Of the ten divers three managed to get their keys and get back to the life boat safely. One of those however grabbed the wrong number by mistake, and when he got on deck he tried to unlock himself, and ended up bleeding out while his wife of twenty years got triple penetrated next to his body.

By the time the first week was over Sam’s balls were so blue he could barely sleep. Jessica was begging him to take part in some of the less dangerous games so she could get off with something other than his tongue, and she was becoming petulant with him. Demanding he get her fucked by a real man. There weren’t that many white boys left on the cruise, so group competitions dwindled in favor of personal challenges.

Sam was given the choice to earn his key in a “glory hole guessing game.” Ten dark glory holes made up on wall of a room. On the other side there was just one, and a red button and a green button. Sam had to put his cock through a hole and keep it there while his wife fucked a big black cock coming through the wall behind him. But only for ten minutes. After ten minutes the black cock pulled out and Jessica had to push the red button if she wanted it back. The red button in turn activated a air pressurized guillotine on three random holes. If Sam pulled out before Jessica pushed the green button he’d automatically trigger the blade on his hole. For two hours he stood there begging Jessica to push the green button, but she could not get enough black cock. It wasn’t until she was too fucked out to stand that she hit the button releasing him.

Sam carried his gaped out cumm dripping wife back to their suite where his key was waiting for them. Eagerly he unlocked his cock, looking forward to finally consummate his marriage. But as he got between her legs she stopped him. “Not now honey, I’m too sore.” Looking at her cum filled pussy he was hard and eager to fuck her, but he respected her wishes and spent the night jerking off while she slumbered peacefully. Sam rubbed his little penis raw that night, and in the morning he tried again to get into his wife’s pussy. “Fine.” Jessica said and she rolled onto her back and spread her legs. Sam’s dicksprang to life looking at her sticky pussy all red and gaped open from the last night. He himself into her and started humping. Rather than enthusiasm Jessica seemed a little bored, she asked him a few times to go deeper, but of course he couldn’t. Sam wasn’t even enjoying himself much since she was much looser than she used to be and his penis was desensitized from masturbating all night. Eventually they gave up and decided they would try again after breakfast.

During breakfast their moods improved and Jessica became affectionate as she started getting turned on. In the whole cantina there were only three white boys left, and the women were eating and laughing together with the black crewman. Every once in awhile a blonde head would disappear into a lap, or a woman would be bent over a table. Jessica and Sam were about to head back to their cabin to reconnect when jason sat down at the table.

He had be teasing Jessica all week, and he had one of the girthiest cocks on the ship that gave her a feeling like none other. She flushed as he sat down. “Hey whiteboy, see you’re still hanging in there, figuratively speaking.” He turned to Jessica and said. “How’d you like to have me put that black baby in you tonight?”

“What!?” both Sam and Jessica said, although Jessica sounded more excited than outraged at the suggestion.

“I can make it happen if you want it to, talked to the ship’s doctor and everything, but it is going to cost you.”

Sam was shocked, and Jessica was very flustered. “what will it cost me?”

“In return for me fucking you night and day until you’re knocked up with a black baby, you have to abort the white parasite you’ve got in you right now, and Sam has got to go.”

Honey, what is he talking about?” Sam protested.

“You two talk it over, but I want a decision by tonight.”

Back in there cabin, Sam was distraught. “How can you even think of doing this? To our baby, to me?” Jessica placed her hands on her swollen belly.

First off Sam, This is my decision to make. Secondly think of everything we’ve seen this week. Black men are gods compared to white boys. I love you Sam, but I’m never going to enjoy fucking your little penis after being with a man like Jason.  I want my child to have a future and that just isn’t going to be possible with a white son, he’d be competing with real men, with black fathers. Did you see the literature in the ship’s library? This isn’t just one cruise, this is a phenomenon whites are going extinct and I want to help bring our oppressive race to an end. I’m not going to have a white baby Sam, and if you love me you should do this for me.”

Sam cried for a while and Jessica comforted him, telling him that it would all be over soon. That afternoon they found Jason and told him their decision. Rather than a cramped infirmary the captain declared that the procedure would take place on the party deck. Everyone was in attendance,  crowd of mostly naked white women and black men, the two remaining white boys besides Sam all gather to watch Jessica’s sacrifice to Black supremacy.

The ship’s doctor was an attractive black woman in her thirties who worked with quick professionalism,despite the obscene nature of the procedure. inserted a fiber optic camera into her cunt and protected the action on a screen behind them. Several Crewmember then approached Jessica and helped her off of the operating table and onto their cocks. Two at a time they squeezed into her cunt, stretching her open so that the procedure would be easier. On the screen The thick black cocks pounded into the camera giving a visceral show of the gangbang going on inside of the young newlywed. The whole time the entertainment director held a mike to her mouth and asked her questions about what she was doing and why. In between moans and grunts Jessica explained what she had learned this week. That black men were superior in every way to white boys and that only through ruthless oppression had the black race been kept from their rightful place ruling the planet. Whites were programed to seek extinction which is why it felt so much better to breed with a black man than a white boy, and why pathetic white boys were easily manipulated into disposal.

One by one they emptied their loads inside of her as the crowd cheered and fucked. Next the doctor to a needle attached to a length of surgical tubing and put her whole first inside of Jessica’s Cummy pussy, using the video screen to push the needle right through her cervical opening.  She connected a big syringe of fluid to the line and handed it to Jessica. Now it was time for Sam to participate he was brought forward and Jessica held out the syringe to him. “I need you to do this form now sweety. It’s time to flush your whiteboy genes goodbye. He took his hand and helped him depress the plunger.”

She groaned as the fluid did it’s work, inducing a sudden labor. As loose as she was right now, and considering she was about a month and a half early she easily squeezed out the white baby. Which Sam caught. Sam looked down at his white son for a moment when Jason stepped in behind him and stuck a needle in his neck. Within moments Sam was completely paralyzed. In the audience the other white boys were also drugged and paralyzed,while the audience cheered. Jason dumped the white baby into a bio was bag, and tied it closed. The doctor meanwhile was sucking out the afterbirth from Jessica’s womb, so that she could get on with the most important part. Standing shakily she took the weighted bio waste bag and threw it overboard. Sam could only watch as his only chance as reproduction disappeared into the ocean.

With wild applause the deck broke into a frenzied orgy of interracial sex. Sam lay on the deck unable to move as he watched his newly un-pregnant wife give a blowjob to the man who was killing him. Unable to control himself Sam’s five inch penis got hard and as Jason entered his wife’s cunt, Sam spewed one last wasted load of white semen. After the orgy wound down a few black crewmembers pushed the paralyzed white boys overboard, where they were sucked into the ship’s propellers and chopped to pieces.

Jessica didn’t see her husband’s body go overboard because she was too busy getting her brains fucked out by Jason and the other black crewmen.The doctor prescribed her a regime of fertility pills and by the time the ship anchored in Rio she was pregnant with Jason’s twin boys. Along with many of the other women who had chosen to become black pregnant on the trip.She became friends with the asan woman she had watched smother her husband and it turned out that she lived in the same City as Jessica’s university. Becoming active members in the Black supremacy movement they helped to open one of the first legal Voluntary Whiteboy Disposal Centers in the country and continued to manipulate white boys into signing consent forms for disposal.

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