Webcam Disposal

Dedicated to Michelle Carter 😍

Michelle adjusted her laptop camera until she was sure it showed everything but her face. She was dressed for comfort only wearing yoga pants and a crop top. Her breasts hanging unconstrained by a bra with her hardening nipples just visible through the thin cotton shirt emblazoned with a black spade symbol: QoS.

Satisfied that she could move around without revealing her identity Michelle opened up the program that gave her control of her victim’s computer.

The window opened showing the whiteboy kneeling in his bedroom waiting just like she had instructed. He wasn’t ugly, as far as whiteboys go, though he looked a lot younger than he was. She had almost broken off contact with him until he sent her a picture of his driver’s license. Twenty years old, he attended college but still lived with his parents. He never had sex, but was hopelessly addicted to porn.

“Hello Whiteboy,”

Startled, he jumped at hearing her voice for the first time. Michelle opened a window displaying her video feed to him. 

“Are you ready?”

He gulped taking in her perfect body. Suddenly she became very real to him, and so was what they were going to do.

“Yes Mistress.”

“Tell me what you’ve done to prepare, so I know you followed my instructions.” 

Its  been a few weeks since she  contacted him. After months of chatting/dominating him, showing him videos of what she planned for him, getting the loser addicted to her guidance and approval, Michelle sent him a message about taking their relationship to the next level, and told him that she wouldn’t speak to him again until he was prepared for the next step. Then using her access to his computer, she blocked all pornography and adult content, deleting all  the porn he saved except for the one video she had sent him.

He had masturbated to it twice a day, before messaging her that he was prepared for the next step. 

“I, uh, well, my parents are at a church retreat this weekend, and won’t be back until tomorrow night. I smashed my phone so I can’t call anyone, and all the doors in the house are locked. I ordered everything you said offline, and it’s ready. And I took the drugs you said about 30 minutes ago.”

“What drugs did you take? How much?” 

“It was 20 mgs of diazepam, and two tabs of Molly, and I shaved and rubbed down with lidocaine.”

“Good boy, how do you feel?”

“I’m… I feel really good Mistress. I’m so turned on, but I can’t get hard.”

“When was the last time you came?”

“Two days ago, just before I messaged you, I wanted to be sure I wouldn’t back out.”

“Very good, I know you’ve been watching the video I sent you. It’s going to be a lot harder for you, but by recording this I promise I’m going to get off to it so much!. You’ll be making me cum for a long time. Have you ever made a woman cum before?” 

“No mistress, I’ve never even had sex.” 

“That’s right, and you never will! You know what I did last night? I got fucked. Hard by two real men. I sucked their big black cocks and let them have my pussy and ass, you know why?”

“Because they deserve it Mistress.”

“That’s right, and what do whiteboys like you deserve?” 

“Extinction, mistress. We deserve to be wiped out.” 

“Exactly. Now, do you have anything else to say before I make you put in the gag?”

He eyed the penis gag, only 6 inches of black silicone, but he nearly choked on it when he tried it on

“I just want to thank you mistress for giving me this chance. I hate the white race and hope that we’ll soon all be gone. Since I am a male and cannot bear children for my black gods, I would rather make myself a sacrifice to white extinction. If you’re white and you’re watching this, I want you to know that I am so fucking happy and excited for what I’m doing, and I hope that you’ll follow my example. I’ve transferred all of my college funds and savings to a beautiful Queen of Spades in hopes for her to raise a black baby someday. Now I’m ready to dispose of myself like the white garbage I am!”

Michelle rolled her eyes  as Zach went on and on. But as soon enough he was done talking, she couldn’t help but smile as he struggled to swallow the cock-shaped gag she told him to buy. 

Zach’s eyes were watering as he buckled the gag in place. He wasn’t sure what each of the items he had bought were for, but he turned and nodded towards the screen. 

“Okay, now make sure everything is in reach of your chair. I want you centered in the video. Once we get going there’s no slowing down.” 

Zach did as she said and positioned a hard backed chair from his parents dining room in front of his computer, and moved the tools and toys to a spot he could reach.

“Take the police handcuffs and put them around your ankles, fasten them to the legs of the chair, and with the third pair, I want you to make it as tight as you can around your little cock and balls, locking yourself down.”

The cuffs were at their biggest setting on Zach’s ankle’s, and as small as they got on his genitals. He’d never felt so horny before and not had a boner, but he noticed his little dick was dripping precum all over his balls. He could just barely stand up off the chair, getting only a few inches of space, but he couldn’t get free. When ordered he showed Michelle the keys and threw them as far away as he could.

“Let’s start with needles, take the piercing kit and pierce your nipples for me.”

When Zach hesitated she added. 

“Take three deep breaths and then blow out with the pain.” 

Feeling a little dizzy Zach pulled his nipple tight with the surgical clamped and breathed in, he squealed and choked with pain when he pressed the needle though. Sharp ice and then fire washed through him

“Now, Put in the big safety pins.”

Focusing  hard, Zach managed to put  the safety pin through his nipple. 

Looking at the screen. Michelle had pulled out one of her tits and was playing with it, her hand was covering most of it, but she teased a little reveal until he clamped his other nipple.

It was harder to do the second time, but the pain wasn’t as bad. Endorphins were kicking in and Zack looked up from his own chest to see Michelle topless, pulling on fat nipple rings of her own. 

“See how this works!  I’m so wet right now Zach. Just thinking about you destroying yourself. I could show you, if you shove that needle through your penis.” 

Michelle’s hand snaked down her flat belly and into the waistband of her yoga pants. 

“C’mon whiteboy, show me how much you really hate your inferior  dick!”

Getting into it, Zack took the needle in one hand and his dick in two fingers and sucking in a breath, pushed. The pain was insane, and as soon as he pulled the needle through, a startling amount of dark blood welled up.

“Fuck yes!” Michelle moaned, and she had her first mini orgasm seeing the blood pouring into Zach’s hand.

“Show it to me. Unf, I love that. You know my ex-boyfriend, e got pierced like that, to see if it would make a difference, but a ring just made his little dick look even smaller. Watching him cry when they did it was fun though!”

Zach nodded. He knew about Kyle. For the last two weeks he had jerked off to the only porn Michelle had left for him. A shitty camera phone video, only six minutes long  . 

He  sent her $100 dollars for it after they met online, a real disposal video. It was shaky since she was getting pounded doggy style when she started the recording. Just a few frames of her body, with a muscular black frame slamming into her, when the camera turns around to show a good-looking white boy struggling on the end of a noose. His prick was small and hard, sticking out of a pair of panties, with a little bell jingling from a piercing.

Another Black body comes into frame, kicking away the chair that Kyle had been standing on. The camera didn’t show his face, but it did follow his huge erection Before shakily focusing back on the struggling whiteboy as he turned purple. There was the sound of sucking and moaning, and then Kyle’s dick exploded with one of the biggest loads Zach had ever seen. He stopped twitching and you could hear Michelle having a noisy orgasm as Kyle’s bladder let go, soaking his panties. The black men laugh and the video ends.

Zach desperately wanted to be like Kyle. He had begged for the opportunity,  to pay for it, and his throbbing painful dick refused to get hard as he watched the beautiful white goddess pull off her yoga pants. Her pussy swollen and wet as she spread it open.

“You know, I might still have some sticky black nut up in there. I bet you wish you could taste it.”

Zach nodded vigorously. He was floating on endorphins and ecstasy right now, this throat relaxed around the penis gag. He imagined being there with her, as she got fucked by a real man, sucking on his big black nuts as he bred her. 

“Hey, whiteboy! Wake up, we’re not done here.” Now the fun part, take the scalpel, and I want you to carve the word ‘”beta’” into your chest.”

It was almost too easy to drag the blade through his skin then, though it was hard getting the letters right, and he bled a lot. His mistress was rubbing her cunt now, her stare intense as she watched the white skin part beneath the blade.

“Good enough.” She said when Zach had finished. 

“Now for a reward, that buttplug, you can put it in now, use your blood for lube.” 

The plug in question was a large, prostate stimulator, with Bluetooth controls. Zach hadn’t been allowed to try it, but he had stretched himself open a bit earlier. With the drugs in his system, it wasn’t too hard to force it  inside of himself, though he would be sore tomorrow, he thought, laughing when he remembered he’d be dead tomorrow.

He was laughing until the plug came alive like a V8 engine. He jumped and his mistress laughed from the computer. The vibration died down to a low setting, but Zach could feel something building inside of him.

“Almost done whiteboy, I want you to get the cigar cutter. You know what’s coming, put your dick through it, yes, all the way to the bottom.” 

The head of Zach’s penis throbbed, and he started  stiffening up a bit, making it tricky to get his penis through the aperture. When he had gotten it in place, the vibrator kicked up a notch. 

On screen Michelle had pulled out a massive chocolate colored dildo and was rubbing it against her vagina. 

“Here’s the tricky part. I want you to hold that cigar cutter between your thighs. Then when I say you will squeeze them together and your gross little thing will come off. Keep the scalpel handy too!” 

Zach was entranced as he watched her push more and more of the toy inside of her, easily three times the size of his “perfectly average” dick. She was moaning now, like she did in the video.

Just like when she fucked her hung black gods. When she gave her perfect white body to them to use for their pleasure. Zach felt the vibration inside him increasing. He was giving his white body to her, for her pleasure, to be destroyed as the only pleasure he could give to a woman like her. 

She was cumming now. Crying out, and she frogged her clit and worked the giant toy in and out of her cunt. She opened her eyes and looked right into his soul.

“Oh, God do it boy!” 

The vibration in his ass, went up to the highest setting, rattling his prostate and forcing a release. Zach clamped his thighs together and screamed through his gag. His whole crotch was a warm puddle of red. He felt every pulse of blood pump out like another orgasm as his severed dick fell to the floor.

“Yes! Die whiteboy, Die DIE! Auughhhh!” 

His Mistress was cumming, he was giving her pleasure, pleasure she would give back to the black race, the only race that mattered, he was dying to please them! 

“Take the scalpel now! cut your throat!”

His hands shook and his fingers were slippery with blood. So light-headed, Zach almost lost focus until he felt the sharp sting of the blade cutting into his jugular. Everything got warm and dark, and the last thing he saw was his black-owned internet mistress squirting her pleasure on his computer screen.

Michelle’s whole body was vibrating as she stared at the computer. The whiteboy was a bloody ruin. She couldn’t  believe it was real. He had done all that for her, willingly, unlike Kyle who she had to prod, cajole, and eventually have her lover kick out the stool

As she wiped all traces of her message history, and program from Zach’s computer she told herself that next time, she would do it in person, and she’d make it last a lot longer.

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