Wife Swapping for White Extinction

“Submissive Couple seeks Dominant Couple for swinging and hardcore kinky play!”

Three weeks ago I had been so surprised and delighted that Dan had taken some initiative and posted that ad. We were stuck in such an awful rut and after only three years of marriage.

The honeymoon phase was over. Never got much of a start honestly. Dan and I married as soon as we had graduated from SPU in seattle. He had been saving himself for marriage, I had… had some relationships in my passes that he was willing to look passed. Despite being deeply religious, him more so than I, we were frisky and shared some kinky desires.

The problem became apparent during the honeymoon. We both wanted to be submissive. We wanted to please each other, but we were each hoping the other would take charge. Sweet Dan tried, but he had other shortcomings. Even a really dominant man couldn’t pound me senseless like I craved with a thin 4” dick.

But he tried. And we tried to make it work. We bought toys, lots of toys and took turns stepping outside our comfort zones to give each other what we craved.

Dan tried using a strapon when it became apparent that in my favorite position, Doggystyle, he could just barely get his dick past my big bubble butt. At his length he kept slipping out. Sometimes he’d be trying and he’d slip out and accidentally put it in my ass when he tried to get back in. I’d gasp, but it was thrilled for a second, but then he’d ruin it by apologizing and going limp.

He was truly gifted at oral, but the truth was, I am kinda a size queen. I have to be stretched open and pounded deep to really get off.

That led to Dan using a strapon “Big Dan” on me. It was an improvement, but he still had no sense of how to take charge in bed, or how to put a big dick to real use.

Of course I ended up using Big Dan on him eventually. He was so embarrassed when he finally asked for it. It was cute, and I enjoyed making him blush.

When I was on top of him, pushing my fat strapon into my husband’s virgin ass. Looking into his eyes as he whimpered. His own member poking me in the stomach. I fell in love with him all over again. He always was so cute. And being my bitch really brought it out in him.
With me pumping at his ass like a teenage boy, he came like a geyser between our bodies.

It became harder and harder to get get Dan to switch with me, and I got rougher and rougher playing the Domme, trying to find something that would get me off too. Smothering, Ballbusting, chastity, spanking, flogging needleplay…

Whatever we tried Dan happily submitted to, but whenever I got him to top, he never had any talent or desire for it.

This was not quite something we could share with our pastor, and I eventually had to put my foot down. I bought a custom chastity device with a Prince Albert lock. I suspected that he was pulling out of the plastic one and wanking in the shower, and to get results I needed him totally focused.

“You will not be unlocked.“ I said, putting the keys on a chain around my neck. “Until I get the good hard fucking I deserve. You want a mean mistress, you’ve got it now. And she wants deep hard pounding before you are allowed to even think about wanking your pathetic little dick again.”

That really put him in his place. He tried with Big Dan, he tried fisting me, he tried tying me up and breaking out a freaking ejaculating horse cock dildo he got off the internet, but he wasn’t good at using it. Although, I did have some fun with the massive thing on my own.

Finally he surprised me with a post he had made on some kinky swingers site. I was giddy going through the responses at first. But there were a lot of duds. And some fizzled connections, but eventually we connected with a couple in Vancouver who seemed to be everything we wanted.

They seemed more hardcore and experienced at this sort of thing, but she “Alicia” had a sadistic side she didn’t get to exercise on her partner “Master Cameron” honestly, we were intimidated but we video chatted and they were cool and laid back.

Alicia was a fit looking dark haired beauty, with a gorgeous tan and pierced nipples I could see through her top she wore a tight leather color with a spade shaped dog tag on the front.

I was a little jealous that my husband Dan would be playing with this hottie. By comparison I was pale as a ghost, I could never tan, just burn. While we were the same height, she looked like a gym bunny, such perky tits. I had a few extra pounds, just enough that my stomach wasn’t flat, and in return I had generous f-cup tits and an ass that was too big for my shrimp-dicked husband.

On the other hand, I couldn’t be too jealous because her partner was total hunk. In Seattle the kink scene was pretty white as far as I could tell. Alicia’s master Cameron would have definitely stood out as 6’5” coal-black leather-daddy, built like a linebacker.

He had dark piercing eyes that looked right into mine, penetrating my defences and giving me butterflies like a schoolgirl with an older crush.

We talked kinks which we shared, and limits, they had a few, Alicia was Cameron’s property, and when swapping, we didn’t really think we had any. They invited us to their vacation property in Victoria B.C. where they assured us we could get away with anything.

It was like we were going on a second honeymoon. Dan and I were both excited. We picked out new outfits and packed our toybag. I went and got my hair and nails done and got a full Brazilian wax. I wanted Cameron to want me. I hoped I would excite him enough that he would give me the fucking I so desperately needed.

Dan looked nervous on the ferry-ride up, so I comforted him. I didn’t want him to wimp out. I tried to get him to focus on his fantasies. He was about to get seriously dominated. We both were.
For my part I just wanted to feel like a woman again, the way a real man makes you feel.

We got off the ferry and ubered to the restaurant where we were meeting them. It was a very upscale place. The maitre de took our names and lead us to a secluded booth in the back. Master Cameron stood and shook Dan’s hand, he then kissed mine and guided me to my seat, before quickly sliding in next to me. Alicia gave her hand to Dan to kiss” and patted the seat beside her.

Dinner was amazing, relaxed and fun, but sexually charged. We got to know each other and it was amazing how even in casual conversation the two of them managed to establish a strong feeling of dominance over the two of us. By the time entrees were served, Dan was blushing blood red when Alicia pointed out the key around my neck. Master Cameron told me I should give it to her, and his deep voice make me shiver. We finished the better part of three glasses of wine before it was time to get the check. I think Dan and I were both pretty tipsy by that time. We left the restaurant on each others arms. I felt so small with Master Cameron’s hands on my body as they guided us to the back of the parking lot. Even though we were the same height, Alicia towered over me and even Dan in her heels. He seemed hypnotized by the click click of her stilettos.

Alicia joked that maybe the “toys” belonged in the trunk. Master Cameron said only one of us would fit, and he didn’t want to bruise me too badly yet. The dominant women leaned into my husband’s ear and whispered something. He nodded and Master Cameron popped the trunk. I watched, stunned as he meekly climbed into the trunk. Alicia then shimmied out of her panties and pushed them into his waiting mouth before closing the trunk on him.

I was pretty stunned, Dan had always been eager to submit to me, but was he really so easily manipulated. I was momentarily insulted that Alicia had so easily cowed him into obedience. Then I felt Master Cameron’s hand on the small of my back as he ushered me into the back seat. I heard him say, “Get her warmed up for me.” as Alicia climbed in behind me.

Before I knew it her breath was is my ear. “I hope you’re ready for this, because after tonight there is no going back.” I turned to ask her what she meant, but was smothered by her soft lips pressing into mine. I hadn’t made out with another woman since college, and even then, it had been nothing like this. Alicia was every bit the domme, I could never be, and she took control of me there in the back seat. Pining me to the leather, and Master Cameron, shifted through the gears, not even slowing for the speed bumps. We could hear Dan groan from the trunk, until Master Cameron turned on the music, a club track with heavy bass.

I was so enraptured by Alicia, that I didn’t even realize we’d reached our destination until the engine stopped and she crawled off of me. As Master Cameron helped me out of the car I flushed as I realized my how wet I was. I couldn’t meet either of their eyes.

Dan looked a little tossed around as he climbed out of the trunk. He looked at me and I think he could tell how turned on I was. He smiled. This was exactly what he wanted.

Master Cameron spoke up. “There are his and hers washrooms down the hall, if you want to freshen up. The playroom is down the stairs. We have it set up to heighten the experience for first time couples. When you’re ready you will find manacles waiting for each of you.”

The two doms watched us as we meekly entered the house. I quickly ducked into the washroom to freshen up. My makeup was smeared and Alicia’s dark lipstick prints were all over my neck and cleavage. No wonder Dan had smiled, he’d always wanted to see me with another woman. Until now, I hadn’t felt like putting on a show for him, but I shivered as I thought of Master Cameron and Alicia taking me together. Maybe that would happen tonight, I’m sure Dan couldn’t last long enough for a woman like her.

I decided to leave my dress behind and stepped out of the restroom in my lingerie and heels. Dan was already out as well, waiting for me. “Are you sure you want to do this?” I looked at him worried that he was backing out. He was nervous to be sure, but he looked the same way the first time I strapped on “Big Dan” and stepped between his legs

“I am sooo ready.” I said. “You’re going to be putty in Alicia’s hands. You’ll love it.”

I reached out and took my husband’s hand and together we walked to the stairs at the end of the hall.

The playroom set up was unreal. The walls were lined with racks of toys on shelves and hanging up, mysterious cases. In the center of the room was a white sheet separating two play spaces with leather fuck benches and tables with ropes, paddles and whips laid out. Each bench had a set of wrist and ankle cuffs waiting for us.

As soon as I had finished locking on the the soft leather cuffs around my wrists and ankles. I nearly jumped to hear the sharp sound of Alicia’s heels coming down the stairs. My breath caught in my throat as she came into view. She moved like a tigress in Her 10” spiked heels. Now nearly a foot taller than me as I stood barefoot, her boots came up to mid-thigh and appeared to have been painted on. She had a calfskin bodysuit so fine, I could see the outline of the rings piercing her hard nipples, with a the zipper resting between her cleavage.

Eyeing Dan, and then I, she rotated once to show off. I heard my husband moan as he took in her perfect bubble but. The Zipped of the suit went all the way under her legs and to the small of her back.

Her dark hair was piled up on her head, showing off her off the collar around her tan neck, “Queen Bitch” Stands out in steel lettering, and the is a black Spade tag below it. Her hands are covered in fingerless leather gloves, with studded knuckles. I smiled, as I thought about what a rough night Dan was in for.

Instead, though Alicia approached me, and took my hands and pulled me into a kiss. The light in the room changed, and our shadows were projected onto the sheet separating me from my husband. Alicia’s tongue pushed into my mouth, as she lifted up my hands, and fastened them to a chain hanging down from the ceiling.

“Once I’m done with your husband, master said I get to play with you….’ She slid her hands and lips down my body, tweaking my nipples. “I’m supposed to warm you up for him, but I think you’re already hot for him, how long has it been since you’ve felt a real man?”

Before I could even think of Dan, I whimpered “too long!” to which Alica just smiled and pulled my panties aside. “It feels like it.” She said as she slipped two fingers into my slippery pussy. I gasped and moaned at the sudden intrusion, but she knew just where to stimulate my body. She stroked my g-spot and soon, slipped a third finger inside of me, stretching me more than my husband ever had.

“When Master’s done fucking you, I’m going be able to fit my whole fist in here. She said, I was panting into her mouth as she pulled away.

Alicia stood up and licked her fingers, before the lights dimmed on this side of the curtains, and she walked to the otherside of the room, now, brightly lit. I turned to see her silhouette approach Dan. She stood taller than him in those heels, and grabbed him by the hair, pulling his face to hers, and biting his lip.

I watched as she pulled and pushed him into place, ropes holding his arms wide, and locks, forcing his legs apart.

I watched as her shadow picked up a many tailed whip, a flogger, and began to beat my husband. Slowly at first to warm him up, but soon the blows were coming faster and faster. Every few strikes she would bring the lash up between his legs and punish his locked up cock and balls. That really made him squeal.

I was surprised by how turned on I was just watching the show, when the lights changed and I realized that Master Cameron was standing there, watching me watch my husband getting beat.

He was a god. Towering over me in a chest harness, leather shorts and well polished motorcycle boots.

He wrapped his arm around me and pulled me into a kiss. My arms straining against the chain as I melted into him. What a man! His scent, his feel, was so intoxicating.

“You ready for some real dick babygirl?” He purred into my ear. I couldn’t even speak. I just nodded, pressing myself into him. He pulled back. “Nah uh, you may be too good for your husband’s babydick. But you have to prove that you deserve this big black godcock!” He grabbed his swollen bulge for emphasis.

“Please, I’ll do anything. I need your cock so bad…” I paused and added “Master.”

He grinned down at me as he release my hands from above my head, still locked together, and lowered me to my knees. I pressed my face against his strong thigh and breathed him in. I was so wet, so ready, I just had to prove I deserved this. He held my hands up and let me rub my face all over his crotch, just watching me. I eventually figure out there was more I could do, and went to work unbuttoning his pants with my teeth. As soon as I had undone two snaps his erection burst out and hit me in the face. I wasted no time in worshiping his massive black cock.

“MMMmmm” I moaned as I stasted his precum on my tongue. I worked steadily to swallow his huge dick. It had been too long since I had had to contend with a real cock. I struggled, without the use of my hands to get it all in, but soon I was rewarded with a steady facefucking.

It was then I noticed the lights had changed. Master Cameron released my hands. I pulled his pants all the way off, and stroked and worshipped his cock. Loving the sight of my shadow projected on the screen. Dan couldn’t be having too bad of a time I could hear Alicia moaning in pleasure.

“You want to get fucked?” Cameron asked me

Slurp I popped my mouth off his cock and yelled “Oh, god yes put it in my pussy now.”

Smack I reeled back, it wasn’t that hard of a slap, but it got my attention.

“White girl, you don’t give the orders. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Master!”

“Good, Now put your hands behind your back and kiss my boots. I’m going to have to punish you now.”

I kissed Master Cameron’s boots with all the love I could muster. I felt the fires of lust in me rising. Butterflies like my first kiss. I felt him lock my hands behind my back. He lifted his feet and, pushed my head back to the ground. Instinctively I raised my sex to him. And was rewarded to feel his strong fingers working over my pussy.
I was so wet and needy, that he pushed two fingers in without effort. I moaned, and then he withdrew, and to my dismay poked a thick finger right up my butt.

Whimpering I shook at the intrusion, but he smacked my ass, and told me to hold still. I felt him spreading cool lube on my tender hole, pushing it inside of me, with one finger that already felt huge. Then the head of his cock came to rest between my cheeks.

“You wanted to get fucked, whitegirl. You’ve got to earn it. Now beg.”

“Please Master, fuck me.” I wasn’t certain I could take it, but I continued. “Take my ass. I want you to own me. Please, please, please fuck me.”

The massive head of his cock began to press against my sphincter and I tried to relax. Slowly, he eased his way in, and then paused. I felt him reach under me with his fingers and begin rubbing at my clit.

“Time to earn some cock, white girl.”

I understood, and began to push back on his dick. Slowly at first, as every inch felt like it was going to tear my open. But I felt the heat building inside of me. I worked it in and out, and when I finally felt my cheeks pressed against his groin, I was feeling a lot more pleasure than pain. Deep inside me, I could feel him rubbing against places I’d never had touched before.

The lights were showing the shadows of Dan and Alicia now. He was fully suspended now, his head lolling back and he had a big dildo strapped to his face. Alicia was on all fours on some bench, Humping the dildo as my husband swung back and forth.

Now Master Cameron was starting to pound me, and I shook with the force of him as he slammed into me. “Oh, Oh, please fuck me.” I cried. It hurt sooo good, and I was getting close.

He must have sensed it, because, his fingers left my pussy, and soon he was pulling out of me. I heard him stripping of a condom, then he unfastened my hands from behind my back.
I turned to stare up at him.

“If you want me to fuck you, you have to worship me white girl. Can you do that?”

I was so close, needy, and I looked at him and I felt like I was looking at a god. His Dark Perfect Flesh lit up telling me that what was happening now was being projected onto Dan and Alicia’s side.

On my knees I bent down to kiss his feet. “You are amazing. I worship you with everything I have. Take my mouth, and my body. Take me whole, I am yours if you will have me.”

He Smiled. “More.”

I continued “You are my master.” I kissed my way up his legs. “My body belongs to you.”

He moaned as I began kissing his sack, sucking his nuts gently into my mouth. “You can have my marriage, take my husband and I, he’ll do whatever I say, just please fuck me.”

He pulled my hair, back and lead me to a bench, laid me down and turned my head to face the screen. My silhouette lying wanton before his, my legs spread, nipples hard and erect. I jumped as his cock slapped against my sopping cunt.

The light changed, and I could see the shadows of Alicia, standing behind Dan, on a similar bench. On his back, His head pointed towards me. He was moaning, as she pumped hard into him, I realized she was pegging him, and I could hear her thighs smacking his ass.

Light Changed and I saw my shadow yield to Master Cameron, His dark cock begining to penetrate me. I was in ecstacy, I opened before him and welcomed his cock into me. I loved him in a way I had never loved my husband. In one night this strong dark man, had taken ownership of me, and he deserved it. “Uh. Uh. Uh,” I grunted as his cock pushed deep into me.
My husband was just on the other side of the sheet, seeing all of this is sahdow and I didn’t care. I was so glad to have Master CAmeron take my body and use me. The pleasure I felt int that moment was worth anything.

The lights changed and I saw Alicia,was on top of Dan, not fucking him, but grinding along his chest. She was dancing, putting on a show. She reach back and pulled out some object and helt it up to the lights. It looked like a knife.

Teh lights changed, and Master CAmeron was on top of me, My legs wrapped around me as he thrust deeper into me than any man had ever. He kissed me hard, and told me to keep worshipping him. I Obeyed. I thanked him, praying for his cock, for him to cum inside of me. “Please, I begged, I need you to fill me up. I want your cum, deep inside me. I need it. You can have anything you want. I will be your whore everyday for ever, just cum inside me please.” I was on the verge of orgasming, having been taken to the brink so many times tonight.

“What out your husband whitegirl.”

“Fuck my husband, I just need you!”

I screamed. The lights changed.

Alicia brought the knife down. I felt my Master’s release. His hot cum triggering the orgasm I’d been chasing.

The curtain was flooded with a spray of red.

I was cumming so hard. I felt Master’s seed pouring into me in waves. I felt like every spurt of red.. Blood… Dan’s blood.. It felt sooo good, like Dan’s blood was fueling this orgasm. I was shocked, and I couldn’t stop cumming. It felt like gallons of black semen were painting my insides.

The curtain came down, and Alicia slid her bloodsoaked body forward, dragging her cunt over the severed arteries and face of my late husband.

She had killed him.

I didn’t care.

She walked over to us hungrily, and kissed Master Cameron, his cock still hard, still pulsing inside of me. He kissed her hard on the mouth.

Before I knew it she had her cunt planted squarely on my lips. My senses were overwhelmed with the scent of and taste of her and the metallic tang of blood.

I lapped at her cunt. It was so fucking hot. All I wanted was to please her and Master Cameron. I felt him withdraw from me and they embraced. I looked over to see Dan. His body was covered in welts and cuts, his head was hanging half off blood dripping over his gagged face. It was weird, but I felt so fullfilled.

Master Cameron bent Alicia over me and began taking her doggy style. I was fascinated by their copulation. It was so hot watching him taking this strong powerful woman and she immediately submitted to him. He pushed her between my legs, and she dove in; slurping at my cunt.

“Ah ah” I was still so sensitive, and Alicia was slurping at my cunt like Master’s cum was the only thing that would keep her alive. Soon she was pushing her fingers inside of me. It didn’t take long before she had gotten her whole hand inside of me, just like she promised. Soon all three of us were cumming together.

I was exhausted and limp by the time we showered off and collapsed into their king size bed upstairs. Alicia one one side Master in the middle. I fell asleep on his broad chest instantly, safe and content in the arms of a god.

“You DIDN’T KNOW we were gonna snuff the loser?”

Alicia fell back onto the bed laughing. My fingers working away in her sticky cum-filled pussy. Outside we could hear the woodchipper humming away as Master turned Dan’s body into mulch for the compost heap.

“No, I mean… how would I?”

“I assumed he told you. That’s why you were so hot from the get go last night. Another slut who’s all wet for whiteboy disposal.”

To prove her point Alicia slipped two of her tan fingers into my very sore, and still very wet pink pussy.

“So Dan knew he was going to die last night?”

“He was posting on a white extinction forum. So, unless he was stupid… well he did start shaking his head a lot when I first drew blood…. And he seemed surprised when I took off his cage and popped his nuts in my hands. I thought he had been hoping for a pity hand job.”

“What if we get caught?”

“Huh? oh just we’ll just rent a car and buy some plane tickets with his credit card. Make it look like he flew off to Thailand to fuck ladyboys or some shit, we do this all the time. No one cares about white losers.”

“Now,” she said pushing me down to the mattress. “let’s get you warmed up for your breeding.” As her tongue danced over my pussy I realized she was right about everything….

“Wait! What breeding!?!”

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