Whiteboy Birthday Bash

There is a brand-new cherry-red Mustang convertible sitting in the driveway when I wake up the day before my eighteenth birthday. Dad must have taken out a hell of a loan to buy it, and I know why. He’s trying one last time to persuade me not to go through with my plans for tomorrow.

I’m almost surprised he didn’t get me a hooker. I’m sure that’s the only way he gets laid since mom ran off. He keeps on clutching to white masculinity even as it has become so clear that it is a dead end.

I’ve been asking for him to sign a parental consent for my disposal since eighth grade. That’s when Ryan Larson’s sister Cadey posted a video to facebook of Ryan’s disposal on their vacation to Chicago.

The video got taken down, but I got a copy that I jerked off to every night. Ryan’s mom was a total milf and in the video she hands him a little white pill and tells him he has to take it if he wants to watch.

“Good boy.” She says as he reluctantly swallows. 

They are sitting together on a white couch. And a naked black man with the biggest hard-on I’d ever seen walks up and Ryan’s mom pulls down the top of her dress and starts squeezing the man’s penis between her boobs.

Pretty soon Ryan can’t help himself and he’s jerking off watching his mother get tit-fucked. 

“That’s it sweetie!” She says, pulling the swollen purple head of her lover’s cock out of her mouth. “The faster your little heart beats the sooner you’ll be gone forever!”

Ryan cries out and cums right then. 

“So quick, just like your father. Of course, he only got to cum once before they pushed him in the grinder. He didn’t even get to see me getting fucked. You’ve probably got another ten or so minutes baby, what do you wanna see, momma take this big black cock in her pussy or ass?”

Ryan slurs something unclear out. The drugs are taking hold. But his mom cheerfully pulls up her dress and bends over the arm of the couch.

The black guy parts her cheeks and easily slides his cock into her puckered hole. She moans like a whore and Ryan spastically keeps jerking off as she gets pounded. He cums again, and then while he’s trying for a third time he starts moving slower and jerkier while his mother is squirting from the giant cock in her ass. 

By the time she turns around to say something to him it’s too late. The moment when she realizes her son is actually gone is seared into my memory. “Oh Fuuuck, he’s dead!” She moans and has a shaking orgasm right then and there. The black guy isn’t even touching her at that moment.

That’s when I knew I wanted, I needed disposal.

Dad wouldn’t hear of it. Not then, not anytime I asked after. He sent me to therapy (They said there was nothing wrong with a whiteboy craving disposal) Took away my internet, sent me to a private christian (and very white) high school, until I stopped bringing it up.

I tried another tactic of asking about my mother. I knew she left us for her black lover, and I secretly hoped she might do to me what Ryan’s mom did for him. Dad stonewalled me there to, said there was no trace of her, no way to get in contact, and she sure as hell didn’t ever bother to contact us. 

So I stopped bringing it up, pretended to have gotten over it and waited to turn eighteen. 

I think dad thought I had moved on, I certainly tried to hide it from him. I started dating Jennifer a few years ago. Her situation is similar to mine racist parents won’t let her get black-bred, or even service black men in the house.

So, I take her out on “dates” driving her to the houses of her various studs. Afterwards helping her get all cleaned up, and take her home for a chaste kiss at the door. My lips still tasting of her semen soaked cunt, and my dick untouched and dripping in my slacks, but of course her parents don’t know that.

She’s four months older than me, but she’s keeping up the “good little whitegirl” facade until her parents have paid for college. For her birthday I took her to get her first tattoo “Black Cock Only” above her smooth pussy. Then watched the hung tattoo artist stretch her open as soon as he was finished. 

Dad walked in on us a little while back. He was supposed to be gone all weekend and Jennifer and I had planned out a whole scene, we never heard him pull up. I think he might have thought he was going to see some good-ole white-american teen fucking like he remembers from his high school years.

Instead he finds his only son in panties with a noose around my neck, nearly strangling myself trying to keep my tongue in Jennifer’s asshole while she fucked the highschool quarterback Tyrone Andrews!

I was so shocked when he came in I fell off the bed and, because of the angle ended up actually struggling not to asphyxiate. Jennifer saw me down there, but hadn’t noticed my dad so it just triggered her orgasm. And when my dad did storm in to save me she was shocked and embarrassed so she jumped of Tyrone just as he began to nut.

Five slimy white ropes of black jizzum hit my dad on the face, neck and chest as he struggled with the noose. Once things calmed down and I was able to breathe again Jennifer calmly scooped it off of him and slurped into her mouth while dad just stared dumbfounded. 

“I can’t waste it, Mr Stevens.”

Since then he hasn’t been able to look Jennifer the same way, but he agreed not to tell her parents as long as we promised not to do anymore “snuff-play” cause it was too dangerous.

Bacon and waffles are waiting for me when I get downstairs. After breakfast dad hands me the keys. “Happy Birthday Son, why don’t you go pick up Jennifer and take her for a drive. Be back at one pm for your Surprise party” that last part is his sort of a joke since I invited half of the people coming.

Jennifer’s parents are beaming when I pick up their daughter. Looking innocent and virginal in her white summer dress. They are wishing me a happy birthday as we drive off in the direction of Tyrone’s house. She tells me her mother has been asking if we’re thinking about getting married.

 “I had to stifle a laugh!” She says. I blush in response. “You’re a sweet whiteboy and all, but at this point there is no way a white groom of mine would survive the reception.” 

She’s gotten more casually cruel since she turned eighteen. She used to mostly believe in breeding the white race to extinction, when we first dated she had me buy a chastity device “until I could be neutered.” Now, she says she’s waiting for the day voluntary whiteboy disposal becomes mandatory. 

“Shit whiteboy, your daddy buy you a car! What sort of spoiled nonsense is that.” Tyrone slides into the back seat where Jennifer is already fumbling at his zipper.

“You don’t deserve a ride this nice any more than you deserve pussy you worthless faggot!”

Jennifer laughs, “Well he’s never had any pussy and he never will-” she shoving his hardening prick in her mouth before even finishing her sentence.

I drive them around town as she sucks him off. The noisy slurping sending a thrill down my spine. 

We drop Tyrone off at football practice after he’s cum in her mouth. And Jennifer moves up to the passenger seat before giving me a snowball of black cum. “That was fun.” She says. 

She looks a little sad for a moment as we head down town. “You know, I am gonna miss having such a willing little cuckold…” she says in a melancholy way. 

I am a little sad too, I want to die for her and to hasten the extinction of our pathetic race, but I don’t really want to be dead, I almost wish I could stay and serve, just get gelded tomorrow and be her pet/slave for the rest of our lives. But I know it’s not enough. 

“Tommy will probably beg to be your cuck before I am even cold.” 

“Gross. That little spaz is like a walking advertisement for the grinder!”

I laugh at her cruelty. She is right. Tommy is one of my best friends, but also a classic loser whiteboy, not cute enough to be a sissy and far too awkward for a girl to keep as a cuck. 

“Pull in over there. I want to be full of black seed at your birthday party.”

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