Interview with a VWD Baitboy

June 30, 2018

Alex here is one of the first VWD Baitboys has graciously offered to give Disposable magazine an interview before completing his service to the Baitboy program by being disposed of this afternoon. 

Alex, you’re twenty-two now, how long have you been part of the program?

Eight years actually. My mother filled out a parental consent form as soon as she found out it was legal. She picked me up one day from soccer practice and took me to a Voluntary Whiteboy Disposal Center. Legally the VWD could have done just about anything to me as soon as I walked through the door I was just lucky that they were starting the Baitboy program and the receptionists thought I was cute.

What did your mother think of the program?

Well, she was pretty much finished with me by then. Dad had been disposed, she was pregnant with a black god. She didn’t really care if they snuffed me or whatever as long as I didn’t come home. . 


Wow, so life must have changed a lot for you then?

You can say that again. It was an experimental program at the time so they didn’t have a place lined up for me to stay and I ended up sleeping in disposal rooms for a few months while they got things sorted out.

I was sterilized and they lowered my testosterone as well, so I stopped developing like most boys, which was fine with me. But I was upset when they gave me a mall surgery to prevent erections. Like most whiteboys, I masturbated a lot, and it took me a while to get used to my asshole being my primary sexual organ.

How long did you live there at the VWD?

For about four months. Technically my mother was still my legal guardian, and since my disposal was postponed, it took a while before I could be formally adopted by the VWD’s regional director Richard Jackson, who would become my new black daddy and his wife Evelyn. After that time, they took me into their home to live as their whiteboy “son” and maid.

I grew up watching black superiority play out in front of me, in those months. Every day dozens of white women begging for sexual satisfaction that only black men could provide them. whiteboys, like my dad tugging away at their little penises watching their girlfriends wives, and mothers taken by better men. So many of them were excited to die so that their women could get blacked. It really shaped me, by the time I was supposed to start high school I was committed to the cause of white extinction.

So, you went to a normal high school?

Yes, my adoptive father, the VWD’s Regional manager picked out a high school for me that he thought would be a solid starting point for the baitboy program. I was told that they wanted to see how hard it was to turn white male sexual attention away from sex with women, of course if I could convince anyone to consent to disposal I would earn an extra six months with the program. 

With all that, what was home-life like for you?

It was just like a normal family. I was welcomed into their home. I met my two little black brothers and Rowdy, the family dog. I was given a small room in  the basement, an allowance for doing the household chores, and unfiltered internet access. 

Is that all you were given to work with?

Yes, my new parents were careful to ensure that they stayed out of any legal grey-areas in regards to my care and instruction. I had internet access and the family computer had and com bookmarked, but  it’s not like they ever forced me to do anything I didn’t want to do. 

I was still signed up to be disposed of, and Daddy Jackson told me that I would get to finish my freshman year at least, whether I was disposed of over summer break depended on a few things.

Which were?

I had to get good grades, nothing less than a B+. I had to do all my chores. And I had to write a report on how straight white men could be induced to prefer male/male sexual activity. I was also told that i would be given another six months in the program for any white male who signed up for disposal with me listed as their sponsor. 

That was a first wasn’t it? 

Yes, I am actually the first male to sponsor the disposal of another whiteboy in the U.S.

Who was that?

Vice principal Jenkins. 

That must be quite a story, How did you get your high-school Vice-Principal to volunteer for disposal?

It wasn’t all that hard, really. I tarted around the school seducing other whiteboys, and eventually got sent to his office for blowing a senior in the boys room. Offered to suck his dick too if he let me off with a warning. I don’t think his wife had ever given him a blowjob, because he filled my mouth with spunk in about three seconds. Then after I swallowed, I showed him that my phone had recorded the whole thing and uploaded it to the cloud. He was going to lose his job, his wife and go to jail. Or he could come with me to the VWD and I’d let him pump my tight little teenage boy ass full of cum before his life all came crashing down.

He cried a bit, and I felt kind of bad, but he agreed. The receptionists at the Disposal Center all knew me and they all laughed so hard when I came in with a middle age man trailing behind me with a hard on in his dockers. 

Did you follow through with your promise?

Yes actually. Vice-principal jenkins was fitted with a disposal collar that monitored his vitals. I laid on my back told him about all the boys I had made dump their sperm in my slutty holes. How I was doing all this to make sure they didn’t breed.

 I stroked my limp little dick and begged him to spill his worthless seed into my asshole, where it would die, just like all of us whiteboys deserved to die, just like he would.  We made love like that, it was passionate and intimate and all about embracing our end together. Moments after I felt him swell inside me and spew out his final doomed load, I caught a spray of hot blood in the face as the collar activated in response to his orgasm.

Oh wow, that’s pretty intense.

 Usually the whiteboy wearing one of those collars is masturbating in a corner watching his sponsor get fucked. Since then, I make sure any guy I sponsor is signed up for something less likely to be messy for me.

So what happened after that?

Well the school board didn’t know why Vice-Principal Jenkins volunteered for disposal, so I kept attending as usual. Before graduating I had used the blackmail trick on my art teacher, the soccer coach, and the replacement vice-principal. I also made it clear to all the whiteguys that it was much easier to get off with a cute boy than it was to try to score with any of the girls. 

And after High school?

Well, I got a good scholarship and got into college pretty easily. Which was good, Daddy Jackson wasn’t about to pay tuition. Once I turned 18, I started working as a camboy, and in VWD sponsored gloryholes. I’ve been working hard to turn straight boys, which isn’t too hard since it is getting more difficult for whiteboys to find sex that lives up to the kinds of things they see in porn. Even if they aren’t addicted to interracial or disposal porn, they can’t find girls willing to with them do the sort of things I will. 

You’ve fucked a lot of whiteboys, have you ever gotten a big black cock before?

Oh Definitely. Daddy Jackson got me blacked by a gay friend of his on my eighteenth birthday. I love serving black men, and am always open for them. My work as a baitboy means I am supposed to seduce straight whiteboys, but when I get the chance for black cock I am all over it.

You’re time with the program has come to an end, do you have any regrets?

I am actually really excited for my disposal. I’ve been fantasizing about it for years now. It is the culmination of everything I’ve been working for.

The baitboy program entitles you to a deluxe disposal experience, what does that mean?

Most of the time, a whiteboy has only limited choices on how they will be disposed, or their sponsor or the VWD staff makes the choice for them. They get no sexual contact, and are lucky to even be allowed to masturbate one last time before dying. I got to request my disposal method and techs.

How are you going to go?

I’m going to be gang-banged by five hung black tops who are going to be a rough with me as they like, really punish my white ass. tear me open, throat-fuck me till I choke. Then Daddy Jackson said he would personally behead me. My corpse is going be ground into dog-food for rowdy.

It sounds like you’re really excited, before you go what is your favorite Baitboy memory?

From high school, Prom night, after party. Brad Niedermaier the prom king got wasted and I convinced his girlfriend Jennifer to let me blow him for her because she thought it was gross. Then she got turned on  from watching and wanted to try sucking some dick, but Brad passed out, and so she ended up hooking up with Jamal White. Brad ended up being my fuckbuddy until graduation. He’s a full blown faggot now. Jennifer has three black kids.

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