Just Animals

(Beast, IR, Cuck, Daughter, BLK Supremacy, Disposal, All character’s are 18+, even if that seems unlikely)

Allison bounced off the school bus and bounded into her next-door neighbor’s front yard, spilling her bookbag in a tumble and she wrapped her arms around Mr Jackson’s excitedly barking mutt, Cerberus.

The little blonde schoolgirl, opened her mouth to eagerly accept the probing canine tongue as she slid her panties off from under her uniform skirt. The small pale fingers of one of her hands running through the fur on Cerberus’ tummy down to his swelling sheath.

As much as her stupid father complained, Allison was delighted that Non-blacks had been officially catagorized as sub-human in the new government. Even if her parents still made her go to school, Allison felt warm and tingly knowing she had no more rights than a dog.

The first day the laws had changed, Mr Jackson came over to their house during dinner. Allison’s mom had gotten up to answer the door and didn’t come back to the table. There was a little talking, and then Allison and her father heard a sloppy gluck-gluck-gluck, that turned out to be Mr Jackson throatfucking the wife and mother right in the front entrance.

Mr Jackson came around a lot after that. Once or twice a day he’d visit either their house or the Clark’s on the other side of them. Mrs Clark was a younger brunette, but Mr Jackson said that Allison’s Mom had a hungrier pussy.

That was three years ago, and Allison was still too young for Mr. Jackson to take much notice. She did try to get him to fuck her when her mother wasn’t around, but he kept saying she needed to be a bit older. Eventually she got him to slip one of his big strong fingers in her pussy, and he told her she was too tight for him anyways.

The next morning Allison’s parents had found her asleep with a hairbrush and half a dozen marking pens sticking out of her pussy. After several long and uncomfortable conversations, Allison’s father reluctantly agreed that it would be best if his wife went over to the neighbors house to fuck him twice a day, so that Allison wouldn’t be exposed to it so much.

It was too late though. Allison knew she wanted to get fucked, and fucked hard and often. Fortunately for her, censorship rules didn’t apply to whites any longer and the most popular videos on YouTube and TikTok were of white girls getting fucked silly, not by black men like Mr Jackson, since that would count as pornography, but instead by dogs and horses, and it didn’t count as adult content, just “nature documentary footage”

It seemed like every girl with a popular stream was blowing or fucking her dog to get more subscribers. Farmgirl2007 was at the top of the list with her “4-horsepower bukkake” video. Allison rubbed her pussy raw to those videos before getting up the courage to go next door the first time.

Cerberus soon was exposing all seven inches of his red rocket and leaking pre cum all over Allison’s pretty fingers. She thought about taking him into her mouth, but he changed her mind when he jumped up and knocked her onto her back.

His paws pressed done painfully on her budding breasts, but she was practiced at handling the rough affections of her animal lover. Planting her feet apart she raised her hips to bring her glistening pussy up to meet his stabbing erection. She had to guide him with her hand, but in moments Cerberus was thrusting quickly into her pussy as she humped back to pull his doggy dick further in.

Allison’s father was working unpaid overtime that Saturday. Trying to hold onto a job that management was thinking about giving to someone more deserving than a white man. Her Mom was off at yoga, having gone on quite a fitness kick since Mr Jackson took an interest in her.

Allison pulled out some old jean shorts that were too small for her and put them on, without panties, along with the top to her new two-piece bathing suit and, grabbing a jar of peanut butter, she marched over to Mr Jackson’s front door.

It was a little before noon, and Allison was nervous as she approached the door of the hugely endowed black gentleman who’s domination of her mother had awakened Allison’s entire sexuality. Her virgin sex throbbed wetly into her jean shorts as she rang the doorbell.

“Well, hello babygirl. I was expecting your momma to be coming by in a bit.”

“Umm, hi Mister Jackson, Mom said she would be over here after her yoga class. To, you know, really get stretched out.”

“She will at that!”

The older black man chuckled at the little blonde girl, enjoying the knowledge that he had dominated her mother so thoroughly.

“So what is it you want then sweetpea?” He asked indulgently. It was pretty obvious the girl had dressed up like a slut to give him a second try, and it was mighty hard to turn her down. But he just didn’t feel quite right, maybe in a few years.

“I was hoping I could play with Cerberus.”

That was a little odd, but harmless.

“I suppose there’d be no harm in it.” He said showing her the back yard where Cerberus came running to greet them, burying his nose in between her legs.

The neighborhood had gotten used to Allison’s after school activities after a while. A white girl like her was just an animal so even those who complained only succeeded in bringing attention to frequent public display of interspecies coupling going on in the new.

Allison loved it. The humiliation of being a dog lover, having folks call her a bitchslut, and tease her about it, it all made her wet and tingly. Much to her father’s dismay, Allison’s mother accepted her daughter’s enthusiasm for animal love, since it meant Allison wouldn’t mess around in highschool and accidentally end up with a white baby like she had, and who knows maybe accepting her status as an animal would help Allison prevail in this strange new order, she consoled her husband.

She even got Allison a pink dog collar, with a tag that instructed to return Allison to her owner “Cerberus” if found. That collar was the only thing she was wearing now, as Cerberus finished cumming in her stretched out teenie twat, and turned to face away from Allison, and lick the the space where they were joined.

It was just as Allison was enjoying the sensation of Cerberus’ broad tongue on her throbbing cunny, that her mother got home and waved hello to Mrs Clark, Their younger neighbor on the other side of Mr Jackson’s house.

“Jenny, I’m glad I caught you, and Hello Allison!” The other primary member of Mr Jackson’s neighborhood harem came over across the yard.

When Mister Jackson went back inside, Allison immediately slipped off her shorts and dropped down on her hands and knees in front of Cerberus.

The Big ole mutt was on her in seconds.

Kind of.

At first Cerberus was very interested in sniffing and licking Allison. His tickling exploration eventually settled on the leaking crevasse between her skinny legs. Licking insistently, Cerberus soon had the young girl moaning and howling loud enough that Mister Jackson came busting out the back door thinking she’d been hurt.

“What the hell are you doing babygirl!?” He yelled, and both Allison and Cerberus looked up at him like they were in trouble.

Allison thought she was prepared for this moment, but her body was so flooded with hormones that the sight of Big Black Mister Jackson yelling at her caused her to burst into tears.

“I’m sorry, I just wanted to, I just wanted to prove what a dirty white animal I am.” Allison choked out between sniffles.

Cerberus, despite the fact he had his whole red rocket hanging out, mostly seemed concerned with consoling Allison and licked affectionately at her tears.

Mr Jackson almost had collected some form of response to this bizarre turn of events, he was more than happy to treat white folks like animals. He enjoyed having conquered the married pussys of his white neighbors, even if they had never wronged him personally. And he got a sick laugh of enjoyment when a whiteboy came down the pipeline at his job at the dog food factory. He remembered when the company’s white CEO ended up getting himself disposed of and turned into kibble at his own factory. It was a little thing that made an otherwise boring job worth it.

It was still almost too much to conceive that his neighborhood nymphet would sink down to that level, she probably hadn’t even been with a whiteboy yet. Unless her loser father was hiding some dark shit behind all of his pleading for decency!

He was just about to tell Allison she could stop crying and put on her shorts, when the little freaks slutty MILF of a mother came wandering around the back gate.

“Master Jackson, I tried ringing the doorbell but you didn’t…Oh my God, what are you doing to her!”

Having misapprehended the situation, Jenny clearly believed that he had done something untoward. That irked him. Hadn’t he turned this wannabe snowbunny down already? The fact that this woman who had begged to be his bitch repeatedly was trying to cast judgement on him for something he didn’t do and technically wouldn’t even be a crime if he had…

“Bitch, you do not talk to me like that!” He barked, and Jenny blanched. He rarely needed to raise his voice.

“Your little slut of a daughter came over her with the intent of seducing my goddamn dog, and since you clearly don’t know your place, I am going to let her do it.”

Both Jenny and Allison were shocked. Mr Jackson took a seat on the back porch and signaled to Jenny to come sit at his feet.

“Go on now babygirl, you gone and gotten him all riled up, and I want you to take care of him.”

When Allison hesitated, he continued “C’mon, your momma agrees, show Cerberus you know whites are just dirty animals.” He wove his fingers through her mother’s hair and then gripped tight and forced her to nod her head.

Jennifer felt in a daze, and as her black lover took control she just fell into submission. She nodded, “Yes Honey, think of it as a new chore for you, you’re going to start taking care of Mr Jackson’s dog from now on.”

Allison was trembling with excitement now. Having her own mother confirm Mr Jackson’s order. Having them watch dispassionately as she sat there half naked and let Cerberus lick her.

She bucked her hips as the dog dove between her spread knees once more with his probing tongue, but after a few moments Allison pushed him away and got on her hands and knees. Before she could even get positioned Cerberus sprang onto her back and began jerkily humping her.

It took several awkward minutes as she eased back and lifted her tail-end, before the boiling hot tip on his penis slipped between her virgin lips. There was a stab of pain as the canine drove his cock home, hilting the girl in just a few quick pumps. She could feel hot liquid pooling inside of her, blood or precum she didn’t know, or really care because soon the fucking started to feel really good.

Cerberus gave a barking howl as Allison orgasmed around his cock. His knot was beginning to swell and he wanted it as deep inside of this strange bitch as it could be.

Allison was a moaning drooling mess half an hour later when Cerberus pulled free. Her pussy gaped obscenely at her mother, who was being forced to attend closely to the matter while working her asshole up and down Mr Jackson’s ebony fuckpole.

Jenny greeted her next door neighbor, the woman who she shared the privilege of attending her black master alongside. “Molly! Has he been wrecking your assho-bum…” She corrected as she realised her daughter was right there, (but before she remembered that her daughter what a dog loving slut.). “… this week too? Or is he just punishing me right now?”

“Haha, I think you know why he’s focused on knocking down your back door, any luck convincing your husband to reconsider?” Molly Clarke started to clear off as Jenny gave a small warning look towards Allison. Some things are hard to explain to kids.

“I think I’m making progress on him. Knowing that he’s more likely to wind up with puppies than grandkids is helping, but he’s nervous.”

Molly nodded her head. “I got Peter to sign his forms by promising not to turn them in until we get his inheritance. So he’s got at least 10 or fifteen years unless I can convert his mom.”

Both women tittered. Neither of them would have imagined that this would be the sort of conversations they would be casually having with their neighbors even a few years before. But it felt so natural, natural and good to be submitting their bodies and their lives (or at least their husbands lives) to Black Supremacy.

“Anyway, the reason I wanted to talk to you is that with memorial day coming up, We wanted to take Master Jackson out to Peter’s parents cabin, and we were wondering if Allison here could come along to take care of Cerberus. Otherwise I’m afraid I’ll bend over and end up doing it myself.”

Both women lagged at the thought. Truth was, Mr Jackson wasn’t about to share his pussy with a filthy mutt. Allison had succeeded in getting his attention, but she was a dogslut now. Good thing she enjoyed it, because chances are she’d never find a man worth fucking who was interested in getting sloppy seconds from a canine.

Allison mewled as Cerberus pulled his softball sized knot out of her teenie pink pussy. As the waterfall of doggy jizz spilled out onto the lawn Jenny agreed with Molly. “I’m sure she would love to. Plus it’s not like she will have a lot of clothes to pack!

Allison balanced precariously, along with Cerberus. on her hands and knees in the back of the Clarke’s Subaru outback. In the back seat in front of her Mrs Clarke was sucking noisily on Mrs Jackson’s big black cock while Mr. Clarke drove the four of them up to his parent’s lake cabin.

Her dad had made such a big production of saying goodbye last night, before she camped out in Cerberus’ dog house in anticipation of this memorial day weekend trip. She took four hearty poundings last night, three in her pussy, and the last one where she guided him into her virgin teen butthole because her pussy was just too sore.

When they finally got to the Cabin Mister Jackson and Molly Clarke ran off to the bedroom to fuck while Peter unloaded the car. Allison was left to walk Cerberus. Instead of his randy self, he was more interested in the new smells of the lakeside than Allison’s sloppy cooch at the moment. And so they went exploring.

That evening, Allison followed Cerberus back to the Cabin after a long meandering trip around the lake. Punctuated by three quick fucks and one long knotting that had naked Allison stuck, splayed over a stump for nearly thirty minutes as different hikers and campers walked passed them on the trail.

As Allison picked her way barefoot and naked, back up the trail to the Cabin she found Mr Clarke grilling up some dinner while Mister Jackson lounged on the porch swing with Molly and some other woman. She was surprised when the other woman pulled her head out of Mister Jackson’s lap and it was her mom.

“Mom! What are you doing here?”

“Hey sweetheart, I have a surprise for you. While don’t you bring Cerberus inside for supper!”

Allison followed her mother inside to find a big sack of dog food sitting by the door.

“Go ahead feed him, I’m sure he’s hungry after your hike.” Jenny said as she marked the sticky tracks of doggy jizz staining her teen daughter’s thighs.

Mister Jackson and Molly came in smiling and watched expectantly while Allison tore open the bag and poured some into Cerberus’ bowl. The hungry hound dove into his dinner, while all the grown-ups started laughing and cheering.

“What’s so funny?” She demanded.

“Read the bag sweetheart!”

“100% Whiteboy,” the label declared. “So what!? Cerberus always eats whiteboy chow!”

Mister Jackson turned the bag around in her hands. On the back, underneath the nutrition labels was a hastily scanned copy of a disposal consent form and photo ID. This bag contains 98% of the final remains of: Brett Williams.

She had just fed her dad to her neighbors dog. She felt hot and dizzy, she was so fucking horny. All the adult present burst out with another round of laughter as she dove to her knees and began kissing Cerberus, getting a snarl from Cerberus who was still eating, but he soon allowed her access to wrap her pretty pink lips around the tip of his dick. Soon after the meal was finished he was humping her head against the cabin floor as he emptied his seed into her bulging white throat.

She was, after all, just an animal.

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