The Miller Family Goes To Hell!

TW: Rape, Gore, Religion, Cuckolding, Gay, NTR, Incest, Ect – This should never be read by anyone ever.  All characters are 18 years of age.

Sam Miller : White Male,  5’10”,  Brown Hair, Green Eyes, Dad Bod, 5 inch dick

Charlotte Miler: White Female, 5’5”, Blonde hair, Blue Eyes, 34-30-42

Chrissy Miller: White Female, 5’6” Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, 30-25-40

Todd Miller: White Male,  5’3” Brown hair, Blue Eyes, Thin, boyish,  3.5 inch dick

Abby Miller: White Female, 4’3” Blonde hair, Green Eyes, cute, 24-22-30

Sam Miller’s Eyes Snapped open as the blaring horn of the oncoming semi blasted him out of his sleepy state. He Cranked the wheel of rented RV to no avail. The guard rails squealed and buckled as the RV tumbled off the bridge into a deep ravine.  His wife and children screamed as they woke to find themselves thrown about like ragdolls as their family vacation turned into a tragedy. 

Rescue teams found nothing but burning bodies in the smoking wreckage, but for the Millers, things were only going to get worse.

A Deep Cultured Voice woke Charlotte Miller. “I have good news and bad news, for you. The bad news is that you’ve died and gone to Hell.” She startled and looked around.  She was seated in a plush chair  in a large open space, it was dark in the distance, but she could hear people whispering, moaning. Beside her, her family was also seated; everyone looked bewildered, Abby looked like she might cry. Before her stood a demon…

Avoxth was 8 feet tall with coal black skin and two curved horns parting his short dark curly hair. He was dressed in a red suit of the contemporary human style. He addressed the family before him. “The good news is that hell is only a place of eternal torment for people who don’t like to have fun.”

“That being said,”  Avoxth continued. “We will start with Mommy dearest! Charlotte, I’d like you to see you give your son a blowjob.”

Todd couldn’t believe it. About half of his masturbation  sessions had been focused on his super hot mom and sister, and suddenly it might become a reality. “I can’t” cried Charlotte Miller. Ruining her sons fantasies for eternity. 

Avoth smiled wickedly. “I understand, though, I think Todd is going to be disappointed he’ll never feel his mother’s warm wet mouth enveloping him like he has always dreamed.” 

Todd Flushed with embarrassment. 

Just then a puff of smoke erupted in front of the boy, and he saw his first naked woman in the flesh. Only she wasn’t really a woman. The succubus had deep purple skin, and black hair, and cute curling horns. Todd thought that she looked an awful lot like Miley Cyrus, with her small perky tits and mischievous smile.

Todd’s little cock strained in his cargo shorts as the Miley-Demon crawled between his legs and undid his belt. Her breath was scalding on his bare skin as his tiny member flopped into the open. Her soft lips parted and his head lolled back as she started to take him into her mouth.

Chrissy couldn’t believe how aroused she felt. This was supposed to be hell? But the demon in front of her was such a stud. She could see the bulge in his slacks and it was unreal. She was so ready for whatever was about to happen, but she couldn’t move. She watched as a purple Hannah Montana Look-alike pulled off her little brother’s pants.  She laughed as his tiny pink dick sprung out and slapped the demoness in the face. She had started her sexual exploration online, and decided right away not to bother with little pindicks. 

She’d been fucking basketball players since middle school, and before getting dragged off on this stupid and ill-fated family vacation, had snuck out to a college party where half a dozen BBC’s had pulled an amazing train on her tight teen pussy.

What Chrissy saw, (and Todd didn’t) was that just passed the plump purple lips of the succubus was a mouth full of rows upon rows of razor sharp teeth, Like a shark. She gasped as the succubus swallowed the whole package balls and all. 

Todd Started moaning as he got the first and most amazing blowjob of his existence. His whole dick was inside of the demon’s soft mouth, and she was sucking his sack and balls as well. In moments, he felt her tongue snaking along his taint. 

All of a sudden the boy started to scream. The succubus bit down and shook her head back and forth tearing the pathetic flesh from todd’s groin. With a bloody smile she swallowed and turned to Avoxth for orders.

“You may go, but give me the boy’s manhood. I may have a used for it.” 

With a little pout the Miley-succubus, sprouted wings and flew up beside the Arch-demon. Squatting in mid flight she pulled her knees up to her shoulders, exposing her spread ass to the stunned motrals. Squeezing she pushed the little dick and balls out of her ass into Avoxth’s waiting hand, before disappearing in a puff of Brimstone. 

Avoxth crushed the slimy little package in his hand until it popped before turning his attention to the damned.  “I don’t give second chances. Charlotte, you son will have an eternity to resent your prudishness. Remember that.”  The Demon Smiled. Todd’s wailing had subsided to sobs as the wound closed and healed leaving a perfectly smooth and un-scarred patch of skin where his genitals used to be. 

“Now, Sam… it’s your turn. If you would be so kind as to sodomize your daughter for me” There was a note of laughter in his voice as Avoxth caused Sam Miller’s clothing to melt away. A quartet of obscenely endowed imps appeared and, much to Chissy’s relief, and then horror, they flew passed her and grabbed little Abby by the arms and legs.

Abby was frightened and confused by what was happening, the innocent soul had never felt like this before. The very air around her made her feel funny and excited. She wanted to cry when that purple lady hurt her brother, but she found herself unable to muster the tears. 

Abby struggled as she was lifted into the air by four, naked red-skinned cherubs with huge thingies. 

Sam revolted at the thought. His dick had stirred at first. The atmosphere was so sexually charged, and he looked passed his wife to his teenage daughter, and thought briefly if it would be so bad, so wrong? Clearly there was something going on here that meant the normal rules don’t apply. But now his babygirl abby was squirming in front of him, confused and afraid as the imps tugged down her disney princess panties and pawed her little butt cheeks apart.

“I can’t. I won’t” Sputtered Sam. “ Please, just put her down.”

Avoxth reached out and took the girl from his imps and clutched her to his chest. “I see, that’s too much for you. What if you could fuck Chrissy’s ass instead.

Chrissy watched in horror as her father’s clothes melted away, revealing his erection at the thought of fucking her. It sent a shiver of revulsion through her. Her dad had the same sort of stubby pin dick as Todd, and it was jerking with excitement. 

“Ah Ah Ah.” Avoxth wagged his finger at the rising and tumescent Sam Miller. “I said, no second Chances.”

There was a poof of smoke and the succubus from before appeared in Sam’s lap, pinning him to his seat, his cock jutting up between her legs. “You’re going to want to watch this daddy…” She cooed.

“Poor Little Abby.” Teased Avoxth as the imps once again took the squirming girl from his grasp. The giant demon quickly took off his suit revealing the perfectly sculpted body beneath. His abs might have been chiseled from obsidian, and his black flesh glistened with perspiration. “She would have had an easier time if you were more of a pervert Sam, but I think she’s going to grow to like what what I have in store for her”

Chrissy found herself so aroused by the demon that was dominating her family. Though inhuman, he oozed masculine sexuality and power. As he disrobed she actually felt herself cum a little as his monstrous cock came into view.  I hung down to his knees, impossibly huge, and was swelling rapidly. The head was shiny with precum, that slimily dripped from the tip. 

Charlotte was in a similar state to her eldest daughter. This was all so dreamlike, and yet real. How many nights had she dreamed of cumming on a large cock, shoving four and five fingers into herself while Sam slept oblivious next to his size queen wife. She couldn’t even big dildo for fear of bruising his ego. Even so, the ebony appendage growing before her was bigger around than her leg, and could surely kill her, if she wasn’t already dead.

Avoxth took the girl in one hand, his fingers easily infolding her rear, and brought her up to his face. He kissed her lightly about the face and whispered sweetly of the carnal pleasures he would reveal to her until she calmed. 

Abby felt so warm, and the giant black monster man was holding her so tightly, but then he kissed her and her skin tingled. She felt good. Like when she would grind and hump her pillows alone in her room. She was so embarrassed though, her mommy and daddy were watching… and ooooh, the man was kissing down her chest, and suddenly his long tongue was snaking into her no-no place. 

Soon the girl was shaking with innocent lust, and Avoxth turned her around in his arms to face her father. Sam was pinned to the chair being carefully edged by a succubus with several millennia of experience in tease and denial.  

Avoxth held the girl in front of her poor father and rubbed at her clit with one hand and began to press his index finger into her little rosebud with the other.  Abby squirmed and shook as she had the first orgasm of her afterlife. Crying out with pleasure as the big black finger pushed into her bottom. Even once the demon took his hand off of her sex, it felt as if he was still stimulating her clitoris, causing waves of pleasure and he grasped her by the thighs and positioned her tiny virgin bottom onto the fat drooling head of his enormous cock.

Avoxth gloated over the Millers, each of the struggling to overcome their arousal in the face of their tormentor. Sam, being delicately teased, Chrissy, was rubbing her legs together. Todd was rubbing pointlessly at his smooth crotch and taint, staring at his mother’s tits. Charlotte’s Nipples were rock hard, and her pussy was leaking like a faucet. 

“This is going to to take a while, but we do have all of eternity… Charlotte I want you to smother Todd under that sopping cunt of yours.” Mother and son looked awkwardly at each other. They were learning not to refuse 

“Todd, go eat your mother’s pussy, and maybe I’ll give you your dicklet back.”  Avoxth, ordered, conjuring the limp member in one of his hands. Todd crawled over to his mother, who reluctantly pulled off her panties. Todd was face to face with his mother’s steaming cunt. He felt the surge of tension that would accompany an erection, but there was nothing there. Instead he leaned forward and began to lick.

Charlotte moaned as almost immediately she began to cum, even to her son’s virgin efforts. She was so turned on, that his tongue felt like heaven in the midst of hell.

“Good,” Avoxth encouraged. “Now Ride his face.”

Sliding from her seat, Charlotte pushed her son backwards as she pinned him to the ground with her quivering sex. Slowly she began to grind, feeling overwhelming pleasure as she smothered the boy. 

Avoxth had a wicked Idea, Just like all his ideas were wicked. Abby moaned as he began to push her down onto his cock. Her anus loosening as his precum soaked into her skin, corrupting the poor soul. Still it was a stretch as the tiny hole was pushed open by the blunt head of his cock. “Almost there honey,” he said. “You’re going to love this.” Abby was starting to cry as the pain overwhelmed the unnatural pleasure. She shrieked when Avoxth grabbed both of her little legs and pulled hard. Her tiny ring tore open and the giant cock popped into her rectum. 

Sam was horrified by what was happening before him, but he couldn’t resist the demoness Miley’s touch, he felt like he was going to cum any second. Avoxth, blood running down his cock, bent down to kiss the little girl. His fingers working into her splayed open pussy. Her rectum was healing around his cock, and she was only sniffling now. “Good girl, here I have a reward for you. It was your brother’s favorite toy, but I think it will look better on you.” Avoxth pressed the base of Todd’s severed genitals to Abby’s pubis. Immediately the flesh attached, and the little dicklet began to swell with arousal. “Perfect, it’s much more your size darling. Now, you have fun with that!” 

Abby felt so different, so overwhelmed. She could feel her new, second set of genitals spring to life, and it felt amazing. Her little balls swayed back and forth over her clitty, while the little dick just forth and throbbed with pleasure. Avoxth was pushing one of his big fingers inside her pussy, and she felt sooooo good. Hesitantly she took hold of her new dick and began to stroke it. Soon her little fist was flying over the precum soaked dick, that had once been her brother’s, but was her new favorite toy. Avoxth meanwhile was flexing his own cock inside of her, and his fingers played with her G-spot, making her gush from her pussy and spurt from her little dick. 

That’s when he pushed her down his shaft further. Abby came and wailed out as the cock battered it’s way into her guts. Her pelvic bones gave way, and her intestines tore as two and a half feet of demon cock violated her. 

This time, Avoxth didn’t wait for her to heal again. The magic of hell would do it’s work on the damned, ensuring an eternity of torment and pleasure, but the demon didn’t want to wait any longer. Bouncing the broken girl on his cock, he lifted her almost to the head of his cock, and then rammed her down again, pushing ever further into her body. The little dick flopped and spurted as Abby was used like a bloody fleshlight. 

The Demon pounded into her chest cavity, obliterating her lungs, and putting an end to her wailing as he fucked all the way up into her throat. Blood and precum was pouring over his balls and splattering the scene as he slowed to appreciate the feel of her tiny heart vibrating on the underside of his cock. 

Sam was crying now, watching his daughter mutilated in front of him, but there was no release. He was gasping with pleasure and torment. His penis red, covered in slick precum,  held firmly, in the succubus’ delicate grip.

Avoxth picked up the pace and he could now pump the girls body down the full length of his cock, Her throat bulging as each thrust pounced off the roof of her mouth. He was getting close to his first orgasm, his swollen balls already pumping gallons of demon seed. 

Grabbing  the top of Abby’s blonde heafd, he pushed her down and thrust with his hips, as his steel hard cock broke through the soft palate, and sinuses and reached her brain. He roared with pleasure as his cum began to spurt into the scrambled grey matter of Abby Miller. The fire hose pressure, caused his bloody spunk to come flying out of her nose, and spray from her eyes like pearly white tears. 

Sam could take no more he was cumming, just in time with the demon destroying his baby-girl, it was awful, and he felt so good as the orgasm ripped through him like electricity. Only to be stopped suddenly. The Miley demoness shoved her finger right into his urethra blocking the orgasm. The pressure was unbearable, and he screamed in frustration and defeat. His eyes locked on his daughter.

When Avoxth finally withdrew his cock, little Abby was lifeless, and soaked in cum. It oozed from every orifice, her broken body lay in a pool of it, twitching. The demon conjured a bit of steel and handed it to the succubus, who withdrew her finger, allowing Sam’s ruined orgasm to drip out of him, and join the lake of semen on the ground. “Seal him up.” He commanded, and the succubus obeyed. Taking the hollow steel rod in hand she pushed it down the length of Sam’s withering penis. 

The metal softened and spread like mercury over the tiny flaccid dick covering the whole surface and encircling his testicles. The metal began to harden again, the metal forming a single unbroken seal over Sam’s penis.

In the pool of cum, little Abby’s body knit itself back together. Soon she was coughing up loads of spunk as she shuddered back to life, her new little stiffy standing at attention. “Can I go again daddy!” She chirped, addressing Avoxth now, like a girl wanting another ride on a carousel. 

No doubt, it was going to be a very long eternity.

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