No Going Back

There would be no going back after this. No plausible deniability. I was either about to fulfill my biggest fantasy or ruin my oldest friendship.

I lay over Darren’s bed, my knees hanging off the side, but my legs held up by ankle cuffs I had clipped to wrist cuffs. Basketball practice was over and he would be home soon. He would walk in a whilend see my waiting, well lubed boipussy peeking out through acc do you guys yu yuzhod no essless panties and the micro-miniskirt that made up my school girl ensemble. He’d see my smooth legs and arms and long blonde hair down over my face. z

If he looked, he’d see my pink chastity cage holding back a weeping erection, and if he came around to see my face, he might even recognize his best friend under the carefully practiced make up. Ring gag holding my mouth open and waiting for him. If he lifted my head he’d see the collar proclaiming what this was all about “black owned”  it saizsd above the dangling spade charm.

I trembled in fear and excitement. My boipussy clenched at open air, fexeling the absence of the XL plug I had worn all day at school, and only taken out after I was in Darren’s room and dressed, just before I locked my cuffs in place.

My heart galloped in my chest.

What if he didn’t want me? Darren and I had been friends forever. We shared a lot, even though he was busy with basketball Jock stuff, we still hung out and played video games. We’d occasionally get a joint from hxis older brother when Darren’s parents weren’t home. 

Getting high with Darren usually meant playing video games and watching bad movies, but about a year ago he showed me that he had a hook-up that got him free access to a bunch of premium porn channels. 

It was awkward at first watching porn with a friend, particularly because I felt weird telling my black best friend that I almost exclusively watched interracial porn. I was paranoid that maybe he’d found my Tumblr or something since like the third was a scene I’d just reblogged a gifset of that day.

“Doesn’t she look Tina L from Mr Carey’s math class?” he said as I watched Natalie Mars flirt with her black co-star.

“Uh, kinda.. but, I think there’s a pretty big difference you’ll find out here in a bit.” I replied, trying to sound like I was just casually familiar with trans pornstars.

“Well, yeah, but don’t pretend you’d care if Tina L had a dick if she was letting you pee in her butt!” He laughed, (“pee in her butt” was an in-joke from when we were still figuring out how sex worked.)

And I laughed and the tension was gone. We watched a bunch of porn after that, and most of his favorite we’re Interracial, and he liked lesbians, and ocaisionally some trans stuff. Not the sissies and Femdom and Black Supremacy stuff I looked at at home, but it was hot. 

Sometimes when his parents weren’t home Darren would set his laptop on top of the TV in his room and we would play video games while trying not to be distracted by the fucking on screen. 

We never touched during those times. Even once we started jacking off together. He joked about playing the “soggy biscuit” game but I wasn’t ready to lose that one yet, but when I got home I jerked off into my own mouth and imagined it was Darren’s cum.

I had it bad.

I knew I was brainwashing myself, but that only made it hotter. Made me feel more submissive as I trained myself never to cum without something in my ass, never to look at white men and women having sex with eachother, to pray daily to be dominated by the black race. I browsed black supremacy tumblrs and discords constantly reaffirming this fetish until it was a belief. 

I chose this, and finally thought I was ready to offer myself as a sissy slave to my best friend.

Two weeks ago we were hanging out, and I was ready. Well, not ready I was freaking scared. Under my jeans I had on panties and a chastity cage and a jeweled butt plug… I was just waiting for Darren to break out the weed and the porn. 

“No weed today, Dad finally wised up to the fact that James had been supplying me, and gave me a big lecture about responsibility.”

“Oh, well I guess we could just.” 

“That’s not all. My porn connection fell through, the companies figured out people were sharing passwords, so it’s back to pornhub and short clips.”

“Oh, well I guess just Smash Bros then.”

“Yeah, you cool with that.”

“I’m cool.”

I left earlier that night than usual, the plug in my ass got uncomfortable, and without anything to ease my nervousness I didn’t have the guts to come out and say it.

“Hey, so my parents are both gone for the  weekend after next, and my brother is coming back on Saturday, so maybe we hangout Friday, sneak a few beers, and Saturday see if he’ll hook us up again.”

“Cool.” I said as I tried to walk normally with the plug in my ass. “Let’s do that.”

As I walked the four blocks home, I had to squat behind some bushes and pull out my buttplug cause it was getting uncomfortable, but fortunately it was clean, and no one saw me.

I didn’t take my cage off when I got home. It was hard and my penis was swollen uncomfortably tight in it, but I decided then and there that I wanted Darren to own me. If he wanted to, and it would be his decision when I could be unlocked.

I had to show him I was worth taking ownership of.tww

I planned out my outfit carefully, I didn’t have “trap mode” aesthetics exactly, but I could get rid of my limited body hair and dress to look as girly as possible. Tons of ideas on my sissy blogs. 

It was torture going through the next two weeks of class unable to masturbate cause of my chastity device. I was so horny I started taking more risks, going to class plugged and in panties, wearing a bra under my clothes. Putting on just a hint of make-up. 

Today, I ran home after school and put together my kit, before sneaking in the unlocked back door of Darren’s house. With his parents gone, I figured I’d have an hour or so until he got done with basketball practice, and he would expect me to call me over then.

I hear the door open and close and panic. 

“Hello!” A voice calls from the front hall. 

Why would Darren call… oh shit. That’s his brother James I realize. He’s home from college early and Darren’s bedroom door isn’t even closed. I freeze with terror, not sure whether to stay still and hope he doesn’t look in, or try to close the door and hide. 

Jame’s heavy footsteps start up the stairs, and I try to get up and find a hiding place, but my leg has gone to sleep and I tumble off the bed with a thump.

Flat on my face with my skirt flipped up exposing my princess plug and  the chastity device swinging between my legs. I completely freeze as James pushes open the door.

“Hey bro, are you..? What the fuck!”

To be continued…

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