Your spread knees sink deep into the old down mattress in the master bedroom of your family’s summer cottage. You shuffle to get into position next to your wife, and obediently put your hands behind your back to imitate the position your wife has been in for the last two hours. The last half hour of which you spent lovingly sucking out the thick loads of cum deposited in each of her holes in the hour and a half before that.

Strong dark hands took yours and swiftly bound your arms behind your back with duct tape. It wasn’t super comfortable, but the point was to look real. Besides, the tape was hardly the worst part.

Your wife had taken a brutal pounding, hard and fast in her pussy and until then cherry ass. She had screamed and cried, knowing there was no safeword, and eventually, overwhelmed with the pleasure, she came repeatedly.

You did what you could to soothe her abused cunt and ass, but it looked every bit as if she had been gang-raped by a pack of rednecks, or mules considering the pornstar gape she was now sporting. You wonder if she will stay that stretched out forever once this is all over.

She looks at you over her gag with affection in her eyes and slowly blinks twice, a wordless message of love from your wife of twenty-two years. Dark fingers stuff a pair of cum soaked panties into your mouth and duct tape your lips sealed. Neatly avoiding the issue of last words.

Suddenly, you feel your insides being tugged out, as hands roughly grasp the liter bottle sized plug in your ass. You feel cool air rush to fill your anus, followed by the even colder touch of your grandfather’s 1895 Parker Bros 10-gauge break action shotgun. Brought down from its place of honor on the mantle over the fireplace, loaded and (thankfully lubed up with Crisco from the kitchen for this purpose.)

Your wife groans in sympathy as her cunt is being stretched even wider than the barrel of the shotgun worming its way into your colon. Wider, and far more powerful. The slick dark cock pressing up against her cervix already had and will do far more than the measly 766 grains of lead primed to make an Xpress bypass from your prostate to your brain.

You feel a delicate touch, unlocking the small steel cage that has been restraining your erection all afternoon (not to mention the past three months since your last release on father’s day.) 

You should feel awkward about your daughter’s hands freeing your dick from chastity, but cannot bring yourself to care, and your erection springs to life and slaps you in the belly.

Inside you, the steel of the gun barrel is starting to move back and forth. Pushing deeper into your sigmoid colon in time with your son-in-law’s thrusts into your wife’s already swollen pussy.

 The semi-painful sensation is overwhelming your ass. Your prostate, the center of most of your physical pleasure since your daughter’s husband took full control of your lives. As he prepares to finally do what he promised he would when you first met him.

You should have been outraged when this young black upstart answered your question as to his intentions with your daughter. 

“Well, Jim.”

 He said, using your first name as you had politely told him he could, although you were expecting him to continue calling you Mr. DuBose. 

“I’m planning on marrying her to inherit your money and make sure it goes to my black offspring instead of continuing to benefit a white-ass cracker bitch like yourself.”

He smiled warmly at your stunned silence and continued.

“I figure I’ll put a baby on her soon, maybe even tonight.  Then we’ll get married, and if it’s a boy, we’ll make sure he stands to inherit…”

This last bit, an implicit threat to your teenage son’s life. 

“…and then get her, and probably your milf of a wife to help knock you off, before fucking them both on your grave and spending all of your money.”

You had been stunned, but unable to do anything or say anything, as he did just that. For Christmas, your daughter announced that you’d be a grandfather. The next July they married, you gave your heavily pregnant daughter away to a black man who promised to erase your genetic line, destroy your heritage, and end your life. All you could do is pray no one noticed the wet spot that appeared on your crotch when the priest introduced your daughter by another man’s name.

You didn’t tell your son that you were disinheriting him. He would never understand that it was your only way to protect him. For Christmas this year, you presented your son in law with a copy of your Will and Life Insurance, naming your grandson your heir and your son-in-law as executor of your will. This was after you gave him the position at your company, on the board of your foundation, and apparently in your marital bed. (It had since become apparent that your wife had also been seduced by the sequence of events you were meekly consenting to.

Ever since then, you’ve been riding a razor’s edge of arousal and fear. Your marriage was rekindled as you submitted to the perverse desires awoken in your wife. Though your penis hasn’t been inside your wife in almost a year now, you have had more sexual contact with her than ever before. She was so aroused when you confessed to her how you had surrendered your family’s legacy to a black man who had vowed to destroy you and blot out your genetic line. 

“When do you think he will do it?” Your wife whispered to you one night. Her head was resting in your chest, as she caught her breath. Her juices were still drying on your face.

You knew what she meant. Though, this was the first time she had brought up your impending murder. She was turned on, you realized. She had been imagining your murder even while you ate her pussy.

In the last seven months, you have only had an orgasm a handful of times, by her hand or your own, or her feet or pounded out of your prostate but always imagining this moment. Each of those few orgasms had been among the most powerful of your life, as your wife described the many inventive ways your son-in-law might dispose of you.

Feeling your daughter’s fingers massage the skin around your genitals. You know she’s not doing it out of love or lust. They don’t want the coroner’s report to include any abrasions from your chastity cage. Even though everyone in this room is getting off to your death, there can’t be any evidence of your kinky fun. 

Tomorrow your Daughter and Son-in-law would “discover” your wife, bound and brutally raped next to your dead body. Everything was planned to make it look like you’d been attacked by some of the rednecks that come out this way for hunting.

At this moment your pucker squeezes and sucks on the gun barrel as it’s worked further and further into your guts. Your wife is shuddering in orgasm. You hear your daughter talking to her husband, but can barely focus on the words.

“Hey babe, what are you doing now?” She asks innocently.  She keeps the camera off of his face, but takes clear shots of you and your wife’s face, before focusing on his dark ebony rod pummeling the same hole that gave birth to her.

“I’m breeding your white whore mother, then I’m going to finally snuff out your cracker ass father.”

“Haha, Give it to her harder babe, it needs to look like three or four guys were using her.”

“It already does, if they’re white.”

Even your wife seemed to laugh at this. She was a moaning wreck cumming on the black cock was going to cleanse her bloodline of any trace of whiteness. You feel something hot spraying on your belly, and realize you’re already cumming. Probably the last load you will ever make, spilled on the bedsheets that would soon be washed in your blood.

“Look at him go! That’s it, daddy! waste all that weak sperm. Are you cumming because the DuBose name dies with you?”

There was mocking laughter in her voice. As the penny dropped. Your son was supposed to be left alone, at least he would – 

There is a triumphant roar behind you, and your wife stiffens as the entire length of black cock is thrust into her womb to the hilt. You see bliss in her eyes as she shudders in orgasm, feeling an overwhelming torrent of black DNA flood her uterus. She is smiling under her gag.


You feel so hot inside, your wife and daughter are climaxing, the heat drains from your body, it’s so dark in here. They are moaning. You feel cold, cold, but faintly happy for them.

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