How it might happen

In my fantasy, the world starts rapidly becoming more progressive until we are within reach of a post scarcity uptopia. Racial tensions ease as everyone acknowledges that white males are the source of all injustice.

In say, 5 years euthenasia is legalized, not a huge deal. Some time later disposal starts as a extreme kink, growing in popularity and mainstream support. In 10 years VWD clinics open in major cities. In 20 years the last ever whitegirl is born (through IVF. Since there are no whiteboys left.)

So, in that timeframe where does everyone see themselves?

My wife and her bull are pregnant with their second child. I haven’t been released from chastity since the wedding.

While we’d maybe discussed the fantasy, I am shocked that they asked me to sign consent forms as soon as it was legal. 

They don’t take me in right away. Their second child is born and I’m the nursemaid, in addition to the housemaid and a full time job.

But once the baby is starting to talk, they decide that it’s best to put me down before either of the kids are old enough to get attached to me.

We have a party, no kids but all their friends and our families celebrate their love and our commitment to white extinction.

All night I’m teased and humiliated about my upcoming disposal. Finally we head to the VWD. We get our room, just the three of us. 

My wife takes a white pill between her lips and kisses me, (for the first time in months without a mouthful of cum) pushing the pill into my mouth with her tongue. I obediently swallow, slightly disappointed that this is all they planned.

I black out watching them fuck.

When I wake up, I can’t feel my limbs. They are gone. My forehead is numb. I can see a mirror in front to me. I’m bandaged and suspended with my head pulled up. 

On my forehead there is something. It looks like a pussy. As soon as I’m consious they are moving around me. The drugs in my system won’t keep me around for long.

First my wife bends down and kisses me, thanking me and telling me how much this means to me. Then she takes my balls in hand and grabs a knife. Cleanly castrating me. “Oh God that’s hot, I wish I’d castrated you on our first date. 

She stands up and I see she has a strap on. As she steps away however, her bull is right in front of me, his massive race-erasing cock filling my vision. I’m still screaming in pain until he plugs my windpipe with his cock. “Man, I’m gonna nba miss having your throat to abuse.” He laughs and fucks away. Behind me my wife slams into my ass with a massive strap on.

They spit roast me for a few minutes talking about what they will miss about me, and making fun of me for being a disposable white boy. 

Her bull pulls out of my throat and holds his cock in front of my face. “Kiss it” he says “and thank me for taking your wife and ending your existence.” My wife grabs my hips and moans as she starts cumming. 

I kiss the great throbbing black obelisk goodbye and tense up as he grabs my head and pushes his glans through the silicone labia of the fleshlight the VWD surgeons have grafted to the front of my skull.

I wish I could tell you what happens after that, but it all went black so fast.

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