A Contest Between Brothers – 3

III. Everything Fades to Black – The Third Trimester

The family’s appetite for the complete humiliation of the twins seemed to grow as rapidly as Claire’s belly, swelling ever larger to accommodate the Black king (or queen) developing inside. As the boys did their daily chores around the house, they could count on constant abuse from whomever happened to be present. Anna had initially taken to kicking her brothers in the balls whenever she saw them bent over for some task, and it wasn’t long before Claire was emulating her sadistic daughter. Malik seemed to take special pleasure from watching the teenage girl abuse her older brothers, and would often stand nearby stroking his cock and grinning at Anna as she went about her abuse. Perhaps attempting to impress her Black superior, Anna was always at her most merciless when Malik was around.

Six weeks prior to her due date, Claire came home with big news – her doctors had been mildly concerned about some of her blood work, and were recommending bed-rest for the remainder of her pregnancy. For the health of the baby, she would not be able to have more sex until after the delivery. Both she and Malik were going to count on Anna to step up in fulfilling her role of taking care of his strong sexual needs, and the small white girl was only too eager to accept the new position.

That same evening, Evan and Blake found themselves in Anna’s room, on their knees in front of a completely naked Malik. Standing to Malik’s right was Anna, totally naked herself except for pink-and-white striped knee-socks. Anna’s body was continuing to blossom, but for now she had perky B-cup breasts with small erect pink nipples, and a totally hairless body aside from a faint wisp of blonde fuzz just over her small, vaginal slit. Her long, pretty blonde hair was tied back in twin pigtails. A recent growth spurt had left her with long, feminine legs, only accented further by the socks hugging her small calves. She took after her mother in every respect, right down the small dimple in her left cheek that came out as she sneered at her brothers.

Malik had his arms around the girl’s petite waist as he addressed his slaves, “Well, whiteboys, it’s a special day today. Today is the day I break in your sister. And we got a couple treats planned for you, too.” He flashed his typical evil smile before continuing, “You both been pretty good lately, seems like you finally got with the program, so as a reward you both get to watch. Now, I want you to thank me for letting you watch me fuck your sister.”

The whiteboys thanked him in unison, leading Anna to roll her eyes and scoff. “Pathetic. Tell them what else we have planned, Malik!”

“Quiet, baby. I was just getting to that. Since your sister is going to be Black Only from this point on, it seemed appropriate that we officially end this family’s white bloodline today.” Malik then turned towards the bed and picked up two heavy pairs of wrench pliers, both crusted with what appeared to rust. “I was gonna handle it myself, but this little blonde bitch had an even better idea…”

Anna giggled, “You have to stand there and hold the pliers around your balls yourselves, handles towards me! When Malik cums inside of me, I’m gonna give both of ‘em a squeeze – then ‘pop!’ Just like that, we make sure this family goes Black together, all at once!”

From their kneeling position, the twins looked at each other mournfully. This was it – irreversible and cruel sterilization. If they acquiesced now there was no going back. In that brief moment, a look of uncharacteristic determination came over Blake’s face. Evan knew immediately that his brother was planning to say something, and tried to telepathically beg his brother to stay silent. Unfortunately for them both, it didn’t make any difference.

“No!” The words erupted from Blake’s mouth, causing all the assembled party to stare at him in shock. “You can’t do this to us! We’ve had enough of your sick games. Evan and I…” 

There was a rush of air, and then a sickening “THWACK” as Malik brought the pliers down with tremendous force against the top of Blake’s skull, sending out a spray of blood. Evan’s body convulsed for a moment before toppling over backwards to the floor, eyes still open. Blake looked in horror at his brother’s face, who appeared to be attempting to say something, when suddenly his eyes shot wide open and he let out a scream of pain – Malik had driven his heel down on the whiteboy’s testicles, crushing them into the floor like jelly. He then got down on his knees, squatting over Blake’s chest, and battered his head into the floor until it was an unrecognizable mess to match his testicles. Anna watched and pouted, arms crossed, clearly disappointed she had lost the chance to destroy one of her brother’s testicles herself.

  When the beating finally ended, Malik was breathing heavily, and his powerful cock was fully erect. “Goddamn, do I love killing whiteboys,” he said out-loud and to no one in particular. He looked down at his tally mark tattoos – time for number seven.” Then turning his attention to still-living Evan, he sneered “Or is it gonna be eight? Up to you whiteboy – whatcha gonna do?”

Anna also looked pleadingly towards Evan. “Please, Evan! You have no idea how much I want to do this!”

Still reeling from his brother’s gruesome annihilation at the hands of his hated Black master, Evan was speechless. As the seconds stretched out, Malik’s face transformed from a look of exultation over slaying an inferior sub-human, to rage at the current whiteboy for making him wait. It took him reaching for the pliers again to snap Evan back to the moment, and with tears starting to roll down his cheeks he nodded his head, agreeing to the cruel plan his sister and their shared master had for him.

Malik closed his hands around the pliers, before reaching out to hand them to Evan. “Good choice, whiteboy. Looks like you win our little competition. Now, put these on those tiny white raisins of yours and go stand next to the bed so this little bitch can reach you. And you,” now focusing his attention on Anna, “On your back, legs spread. I’m ready to fuck.” The two whites did exactly as they were instructed.

Anna wrapped her grip around the handles of the pliers as Evan positioned the head around his small testes – they fit inside the gap easily. He knew that nothing he had experienced in his months of torment could prepare him for the agony he was going to experience, and nothing could stop it now. Malik edged onto the bed on his knees, massive ebony shaft in hand, and as he came towards Anna he rested the girth of its head right against her delicate, wet slit.

“Please, Daddy,” Anna started, “I want you to fuck me just like you fuck my mom. I want to be your little slut too. I need that big, Black cock inside me…”

Malik grinned ear-to-ear, “You talk a big game for a little girl.” And with that he started to slowly ease his thick penis inside her, leading her to gasp slightly for air and scrunch up her face.

“It’s… It’s so big…” Anna whimpered. As they penis continued sliding deeper inside of her, Evan could see that her eyes were rolling back and she was biting down hard on her lower lip. As Malik drew his cock back for the first time, both of them could see a small trickle of blood on his dark tool.

“Damn, girl, you’s a virgin?” Malik smirked. “Well shit, if I had known I would have got you some flowers or something.”

Anna’s cheeks flushed, “It’s OK, I was just saving myself for you…”

“That’s fine, girl, might as well start with the best. But don’t worry, I’ll take it easy on you.”

True to his promise, Malik took great care at the start to ease the teenage girl into things. He kissed her deeply, and then sucked on her neck and delicately played with her pert nipples until her pussy was absolutely dripping and she moaned out for his cock again. Despite the torture he was about to endure, Evan couldn’t help but being turned on watching his gorgeous virgin sister beg for Black cock, and his penis strained painfully against his chastity cage. Every so often Anna would seem to remember the position she had her brother in and give the pliers a light squeeze, sending a torrent of pain washing over him and almost bringing him to his knees. 

As his young partner begged for him to be inside her again, Malik was only too happy to comply. Once again he mounted her and slowly edged his powerful Black organ deep into her, body causing the delicate girl to cry out, “God yes, fuck me Daddy!” Then he started to drive his hips into her, pushing his member in and out as the shaft grew slicker and shimmered with a mix of her maiden blood and vaginal juices. Her tight, recently virginal vagina gripped her Black Master’s cock hungrily.

As the new lovers got into a rhythm, Anna seemed to grow bolder – showing extraordinary confidence in her body and technique for someone with no experience. She started dirty-talking towards Malik, using language so filthy that Evan couldn’t help but blush. “Oh god, Daddy – fuck my tight little cunt. It’s all yours – it belongs to Black Cock… Black cock is so much better… Black men are so much better than whiteboys… Black is better… Black is better… Black is better…” That last phrase became a sort of mantra, and she started repeating it over and over, each time slightly louder than the last until she was almost shouting it.

By way of reply, Malik grunted and his breathing became heavier. Evan looked down at the dark brown penis thrusting inside his sister and saw that it had grown to almost ludicrous proportions, with thick veins clearly visible all around. The powerful steady rhythm that he had been maintaining was starting to grow slightly irregular – it was clear to everyone that he was almost ready to ejaculate deep inside the unprotected white pussy.

Inexperienced though she was, Anna clearly recognized the signs her lover was approaching orgasm, and she wrapped her long white legs tightly around Malik’s back. Her blue eyes looked up into his coal black eyes, and she began to began to beg him for his seed. “Please Daddy, cum inside my fertile pussy… Knock me up… I want to be another one of your white slut babymommas… End my race, end my family’s race… Breed the white out of me… Make me Black forever…” Evan shuddered at her wanton hatred for the white race, and attempted to steel himself for what he was about to experience. The cold metal of the pliers against his small scrotum made him shiver in anticipation.

Malik gave the young white girl exactly what she was asking for, and with a final ferocious snarl he unloaded his heavy sack inside the fertile girl. A flood of black semen poured deep inside her white womb, where a single superior Black sperm penetrated a white egg – snuffing out any hope she might continue her white heritage forever, and ensuring she would soon give birth to Black half-sibling for her own Black half-brother. The job of ending this white bloodline was now half-complete.

Just a moment later, with Malik’s cock still throbbing mercilessly inside her stretched and bloodied white hole, Anna gathered all of the strength her drained body could muster and squeezed firmly down onto the handles of the pliers on Evan’s sack. In the blink of an eye the pliers crushed and destroyed the delicate structures housed within, leading Evan to emit a high-pitched shriek of agony. In that extraordinary moment, his destroyed genitals let out one final orgasm, and one unlike any he had experienced before – it was the ultimate combination of pain and ecstasy, and the shriveled cock inside the chastity cage emitted one last, pathetic squirt of cum that landed on the carpeted floor. With the final sperm of the last whiteboy in the family flailing helplessly in a puddle on the floor, the important task of ending a white bloodline was now complete. Malik leaned over and deeply kissed his new lover, who returned his passionate kiss as her brother crumpled to the floor and sobbed next to the body of his twin – utterly and completely defeated.

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