A Contest Between Brothers – 4

IV – Epilogue

Although Claire was mildly displeased to learn that Blake had been disqualified from the game and disposed of, she didn’t hold it against Malik. He was a whiteboy, after all, and Malik had been so patient with him.

When the delivery date came, the entire family gathered together in the hospital room to watch Claire produce a proud, healthy Black baby boy. Evan had the privilege of taking a photo of the new mother along with her proud baby-daddy and her beloved Black Only daughter, Malik’s powerful arms wrapped protectively around his two white women in the photograph.

Only a week later, the family was again overjoyed to learn that Anna was pregnant, and due to her new status it was agreed that Claire and Anna would share their Black lover, and he was free to share them out to any Black friends that he saw fit. Anna’s pregnancy ended up being a long series of orgies, with huge numbers of Black men coming and going from the house to fill the two voracious white sluts, while Evan was tasked with looking after his superior Black half-brother.

The abuse that Evan suffered eased up slightly as he continued to find his way in his role as a slave to his Black master. As he grew to accept his new life more and more deeply, he even came to somewhat enjoy the abuse, realizing that as a whiteboy he deserved nothing else. A steady diet of White Extinction propaganda was forced onto him – his twisted mother delighted in bringing home literature from the VWD Center and reading it out loud to him as we toiled away, and soon it was deeply internalized. Mopping up buckets of Black cum in the bedroom, he would hear his mother’s voice telling him a drop of Black seed was worth more than his life. Changing his sister’s semen-stained sheets, he would hear her voice – or perhaps the voice of the white women of an entire generation – begging for Blackness to overtake white for all eternity. Although he could no achieve an erection, the thought of his own life being snuffed out by Blacks made his caged penis twitch helplessly. How lucky Blake was, he thought, to have given his life up to his Black Master.

Evan wasn’t surprised at all when the next family meeting was called, this time with Claire and a heavily pregnant Anna sharing Malik’s lap. Evan listened to his mother explain that four children in the house was just too many, and that he would have to be put down. Evan just smiled, “I totally understand, mom.” He was ready to die – ready to have the taint of his whiteness washed away permanently. He was disposed of that same evening – Malik himself dealt the final blow – and Evan’s last words as his mother, sister, Master, and half-brother watched him expire were, “Black is better.”

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