A Contest Between Brothers

I. Family Meeting

Blake and Evan sat together on the couch in the living room, waiting nervously for the family meeting their mother had called to begin. The fraternal twin whiteboys didn’t know exactly what to expect, but experience had taught them it wasn’t going to be good.  There had only been two other family meetings in memory – at the first one their parents announced that their mother, Claire, had taken a Black lover, who would now be moving into the house. At the second, it was announced that their father would be “volunteering” for immediate disposal. Blake fidgeted nervously thinking about what might be coming, while Evan stared straight ahead. Neither dared to speak – their mother’s boyfriend Malik had worked hard to teach the whiteboys that idle chatter would not be tolerated in the household, and Blake’s nose still angled slightly to the left in testament to the large Black man’s heavy-handed teaching methods.

“You whiteboys are so fucked.” The two teens turned their heads in unison to see their younger sister Anna standing behind them and smirking. The young blonde girl was the spitting image of their mother, both in terms of her appearance and in her ever growing disdain for the white race. She walked over to a plush chair across the room and plunked herself down, dangling her bare legs over the armrest and still grinning evilly. “What do you think Mom’s got planned? I hope she’s gonna have you both feminized – I always wanted sisters!” She giggled at the thought. “You guys are so scrawny we can even share clothes!”

Blake and Evan exchanged a wordless glance with each other; as twins, they knew each other well enough that they rarely needed to speak to communicate what was on their minds. Both knew if feminization was really what their Mom had planned then they were getting off lucky. The walls of their house were thin and their bedroom was located right next to their mother’s. Every night they would listen to Malik plowing their mom hard enough that the bed-frame would slam against their shared wall, and recently he had taken to loudly threatening to snuff her two whiteboys while fucking her. If that upset their mother at all she didn’t show it, as Malik’s threats would almost inevitably be followed by the sound of their mother moaning in ecstasy and begging him to fill her with his superior cum.

The children wouldn’t have to wait long to find out, as Claire and Malik soon followed after Anna into the living room. Both Blake and Evan instinctively sat upright and averted their eyes as Malik entered, knowing full well that any perceived disrespect would be met with a violent punishment from the short-tempered man, with their mother’s full approval. Malik’s dark arm was draped casually around his white lover’s shoulder as they walked, and he cast a long and disapproving glance at the twin whiteboys as he moved past them, actively studying them for any minor slight that he could correct with his fists. But luck was on their side, at least for the moment, and he didn’t strike either twin as he headed over to the loveseat opposite the couch and settled in next to his woman.

For her part, Claire was clearly excited by whatever revelation she had to share – so much so that she even smiled at her twin boys as she passed, an extraordinary rarity since the fit blonde had become involved in the White Extinction Movement. The boys exchanged another look – the last time they had seen her this happy was when she came back from the Voluntary Whiteboy Disposal Center and made them all watch the gruesome footage of their father’s disposal. This was likely going to be very, very bad news for them. The boys sat in fearful silence as their mother settled in to her seat, adjusting her short khaki skirt and crossing her long, shapely legs with a prominent Queen of Spades tattoo on her right ankle.

Anna was the first to break the tense silence, “So, what’s going on, Mom? Am I going to be an only child now?” She cast a wicked look at her brothers.

Claire smiled lovingly at her daughter. “No, sweetheart. In fact, it’s kind of the opposite! I’m happy to announce that I’m pregnant again!” With that pronouncement she put her hands on her gym-toned belly – still flat, for now. 

“Oh my God mom, that’s amazing!” Anna beamed excitement at the prospect of a new Black baby sibling, which as a status symbol among young white girls was second only to a Black child of their own. Blake was the first of the twins to speak up, also sheepishly offering his congratulations, and Evan then echoed the sentiment. Both carefully selected their words and did their best to sound sincere, knowing full well that Malik would not tolerate anything less.

Malik then spoke up, “It’s about time too – we been trying since before your daddy went for disposal! I guess that’s what I get messin’ around with an old lady like your mom – fertility problems!” He grinned playfully at his woman, who in return chuckled and punched him gently in the arm before refocusing her attention towards her children.

“So according to the doctors, I’m due in a little over six months. Obviously there are going to be some big changes around here, both while I’m pregnant and after the baby comes. I’m going to need all you kids to work with me on this.” Claire waited for her children to nod in agreement before continuing on, now looking directly at Evan and Blake. “Most importantly, things would be very cramped with four kids in the house, so Malik and I have talked it over, and we decided that we’re going to have to have one of you whiteboys put down when the baby comes.” Her voice betrayed no emotion at this extraordinary pronouncement.

After a moment of shocked silence, Evan bolted to his feet. “Wait, Mom! You can’t do this!” Although he was typically the more reserved of the two twins, the proclamation that he or his brother were going to be killed pushed the unfortunate boy past his breaking point. He sputtered on, “We can just move out! Blake and I are old enough to get our own place, there’s no need…” His voice cut off abruptly as Malik started to rise to his feet, but Claire extended a hand and gestured for him to be seated. Evan shivered nervously as the Black man returned to his seat, continuing to glower at the dainty whiteboy.

“Evan, baby, I know this is tough, but it has to be this way.” Claire’s tone was calm and soothing. “We’re all making compromises. I promised Malik that once he got me pregnant he could get rid of at least one of you – but if he had his way you’d both be at the VWD Center already!”

Evan returned to his seat and hung his head, matching the pose of his brother. The weight of this new reality was pressing down on both of them.

“Wait Mom,” Anna piped up, “Only one of them is getting disposed of? Like, did you decide who already?”

Claire looked to her daughter, “No sweetie, not yet.” She returned to facing her boys again. “I’ve been thinking a lot about how to do this. It would be easiest if one of you two just volunteered…” She trailed off, as if expecting one of the two to volunteer on the spot. The boys glanced at each other – both faces reflecting tremendous anxiety, although neither boy spoke up, and they returned to averting their eyes and hanging their heads. “That’s what I thought,” Claire continued, with her voice now dripping with contempt. “You know, it really hurts my heart to think that I raised a couple of racists in my own home.” Claire paused after spitting out the r-word, but the boys knew better than to protest the label – denial of intrinsic white racism was always met with a savage beating from Malik. Claire took a moment to collect herself, before continuing in a more matter-of-fact tone “Well, over the next six months you boys are going to have a chance to redeem yourselves. Starting today, you’re going to be full-time servants of the Black race. Think of yourselves as Malik’s slaves – you have to do anything and everything he asks, and I do mean everything. When the baby is born, Malik is going to decide which one of you did a better job, and the other one is going off for disposal. Is that clear, boys?”

If anything wasn’t understood, the twins didn’t have a chance speak up before Malik jumped in. “Don’t think that I’m going to keep going easy on you – after that thing with your nose, Blake, your mom made me promise I wouldn’t leave any more permanent marks. Well guess what you little bitches, that rule ends today! Just give me an excuse…” He sneered at his new charges, who couldn’t even bring themselves to look at their new master.

Claire then turned her attention back to her daughter. “So listen, baby, being pregnant isn’t a walk in the park. A lot of times you feel sick and tired, and especially towards the end you just feel gross and huge. So I’m going to count on you to help take care of my man for me when I’m not feeling up to it.”

Anna cocked her head to the side, “You mean like, cooking and stuff?”

Claire shook her head in response, “No honey, I think Malik is going to have all the help he needs around the house from his whiteboys. What I mean is, I need you to help me to take care of Malik sexually.”

Anna’s face lit up with excitement, “Oh my god, Mom, are you serious? I’ve wanted this for so long…”

“Now hold on, don’t get too excited, either of you,” she shot a glance at Malik, who had been making eyes at the teenage girl. “Like I said, only when I’m not feeling up to it.” Although she was clearly disappointed by the caveat, Anna readily agreed to her mother’s terms.

With the important announcements made, the family meeting drew to a close. For the twins, the stakes were clear, and their lives were now in the hands of their Black tormentor.

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