Thoughts and Prayers

Mrs Caroline Chambers feigned surprise when the black gunmen forced their way into her classroom.

Most of her class was mixed, but she had three whiteboys and seven white girls. The boys, she made sit up front, 

The class screamed as the three boys were grabbed, held to the floor and shot. The. The gunmen each grabbed themselves a white girl and deflowered her on her desk, stuffing their mouths with their own panties. 

One of the gunmen “forced” Caroline to strip and call over her black male students. They made her promise to be their whore for life, which she did with enthusiasm.

The orgy continued, in full view of the class as the popping of gunfire told everyone that the same thing was happening in the other classrooms.

The gunmen didn’t leave until fourth-period. Casually walking out to unmarked vans and driving off. Strangely, even though they didn’t wear masks, not one of the six dozen men was ever identified.

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