Vanessa’s Waste Removal

BNWOSlaveGirlNess: i have something for you if you’re on.

WhiteboyForSuffering69: is it titties?

BNWOSlaveGirlNess: Fuk off faggot, you know you don’t get to see my white flesh. 

WhiteboyForSuffering69: 😝jus messing. Wats up?

BNWOSlaveGirlNess: You know Victoria, the cheerleader? She’s gone black.

WhiteboyForSuffering69: no way

BNWOSlaveGirlNess: I told you, I pay attention to things. Every Tuesday she’s got a free period before lunch. She’s going down to the Janitor’s shop in the basement. 

WhiteboyForSuffering69: how do you knwo?

BNWOSlaveGirlNess: I’ve seen pictures for one, and I’ve been down there myself before.

WhiteboyForSuffering69: omg I’m so hard for this. I might pop

BNWOSlaveGirlNess: gross 🤢 dude. Anyway… There’s an old trash compactor down there that they down use any more. I’ve looked inside, it’s pretty clean and there’s room to hide and watch….

Derek and Tom quietly jostled in the cramped compartment. It was dark, and loud with the rumble of machinery. They were waiting, looking at interracial porn, and whispering about what it would be like to finally see a real girl getting blacked in person.

Derek was hoping after this he could tell Tom about some of his darker fantasies. The ones he got from online friends like BNWOSlaveGirlNess.

From their position they couldn’t see anyone coming, but there was a stack of old mats with a blanket on it in one cleanish corner, that they hoped would be a bed when the action went down.

There was a creak as the door on the stairs opened. Derek pulled the doors to their compartment shut, so they could only see out of a little grate, but hopefully couldn’t be seen.

It was a little exciting to be pressed up against Tom like this, both of them so horny and pathetic. So addicted to black cock porn that they were basically faggots already.

Tom gasped when they recognized the Cheerleader coming into the room with her backpack and purse. She sat down and pulled out her phone. Derek was holding his breath as she started snapping some selfies, pulling her tits out of her blouse and sucking on a finger.

It wasn’t long until mister James the old black janitor came down the stairs. He set his tools aside and approached the topless high school cheerleader on her knees. They couldn’t hear what was said, but they nearly jumped when he slapped her. 

Victoria just looked up at black man nearly three time her age and pleaded until Mr James undid his coveralls and let a tad sweaty hog of cock flop onto the girls face.

Both of the whiteboys tried to quietly get their own dicks out, having to almost pull off their pants in the tight confines. Derek felt Tom’s dripping stuffy brush his thigh. 

“Dude, gay.” He hissed, half joking but Tom had his face pressed into the grate staring at an old black ass humping a kneeling white teen he couldn’t quite see. Three fingers were moving a blur at his crotch.

Derek pressed his cheek to Tom’s trying to get a look out of their dank little hiding space. His own little dick felt so hard it almost hurt and he hadn’t even started to jack off. He was afraid he’d blow right away.

“Ung.” Tom let out a sigh as he painted the doors of the trash compactor with whiteboy sperm. Just the thought of Tom’s genetic material dying here while just a few yards away a beautiful white girl was laying back on some dirty mats and spreading her thighs wide to welcome a black god into her womb, made Derek shudder.

Derek could clearly make out a muscular black ass moving quickly between two long thin legs. The only real light was on the far side of the space throwing most of Victoria’s body into shadow.

Derek imagined being able to see the hottest girl in his grade as she writhed in pleasure, her big tits jiggling, Mister James’ cock pushing in and out of his ass…her pussy Derek tried to put the gay imagery out of his mind for a second to focus on what he could see.

“Give me a turn, I can’t see hardly anything” Tom pushed Derek over and their lower bodies touched. 

“Ugnnnnoooo.” Derek felt Tom’s warm thigh brush against his erection and he couldn’t help but blow his load…  all over Tom’s dick and balls.

“What the fuck.” Tom hissed, ignoring the fact that his spent dick jumped to full mast as warm cum splattered his junk. 

“Gross dude, I oughta make you clean this off.” Derek, despite having just orgasmed, was in such a haze of lust that he took Tom’s comment seriously. He pumped his dick once and dipped his head down, tongue extended and swallowed Tom’s modest five inch erection down to the balls. Derek savored the taste of his own sperm. He couldn’t move his mind past the delicious fact that he and Tom were wasting their seed in reaction to a real man, a black god, was planting his in their classmate.

Tom wanted to resist but he couldn’t look away from Mr James thrusting faster as Victoria’s legs were locked tight behind him. He was a going to breed her any second.

Neither whiteboy had heard the door upstairs open, or Vanessa’s quiet footsteps down the stairs. Her sister was being splayed open by Mr James again, but she wasn’t here for that. She did take the time to get a bit of video, that would help get the next whiteboy to take the bait, as she was sure Derek had.

Vanessa softly tiptoed into the room and found the switch she was looking for. Mr James didn’t even pause as the compactor powered up. Just as quietly she snuck back upstairs and headed back to her classroom.

Tom thrust forward, humping Derek’s head. Both of the whiteboys accepted that they were already doing gay stuff, and it felt amazing. Derek loved having Tom’s warm penis sliding between his lips and decided right then that he wanted to be a slut for other whiteboys for the rest of his life. 

Mr James grunted and moaned as he shoved his spurting rod as deep as it would go into the teenager’s hole. He never would have done anything like this back when he was first hired, but now white folks were learning their place. The administration looked the other way as he impregnated five or so girls per year. Hell, he’d had every bit of tail on staff multiple times at this point.

The well-fucked teen got down on her knees to thank him for her weekly breeding. Her tight white ass and distended pussy facing directly at the trash compactor as she used her mouth to clean Mr James’ Big Black babymaker.

Tom’s eyes had drifted down to his buddy slopping his nob, and something clicked, he wasn’t meant to breed like Mister James. He pulled Derek up towards him, their lips meeting for the first time. It felt like the earth was shaking as Tom felt Derek guide his penis between his cheeks.

The shaking continued as the trash compactor rumbled to life. Tom was hoping that the spit and sperm on his dick was enough lubrication to push into his best friend’s sphincter. Derek moaned into Tom’s mouth, his hands rubbing his puny erection between them. Hot and sweaty and smashed together, they didn’t notice the compactor’s walls moving it towards them.

The boys were moaning together as the walls pressed in on them. Derek realized suddenly that he might die here. In the trash with a dick in his ass, the thought made him shake and begin to spray his last load into his buddy’s navel.

Tom thrust faster and faster until he felt the space shrink too much for him to move fully. He tried to tell for help but Derek’s tongue was in his mouth, their heads now being pressed together by the compactor. He couldn’t move himself. He felt as the walls moved his hips into Derek forcing him inexorably deeper into his guts.

Mr James groaned as he milked out a second load into the cheerleader kneeling before him. Victoria waited open mouthed to be baptized by her black master. Deep inside her two strong black sperm pushed themselves through the cell wall and into her ovum. In a dark corner behind the two lovers, the remains of a couple of cum covered whiteboys was pressed into a tight cube and dropped into a garbage shoot. 

Upstairs, Vanessa heard the low sound of the trash compactor complete its cycle and she had to squeeze her legs together as she climaxed in the middle of her algebra quiz.

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