Whiteboy Roommates

It was an expensive city, and despite his college degree, no-one wanted to hire a whiteboy if they didn’t have to. All that led Jesse to sign a lease to live with six other whiteboys in a one bedroom apartment. “It was okay” he told himself, “it’s just until I can find a job that pays better.”

He was expecting something a bit more Spartan when Colin opened the door. The building was old, and apartment 609 was a long hike up the stairs with all of his possessions in the four bags he struggled to wrangle upstairs.

Instead of a dank windowless hole, the apartment was instead very stylish, dark, with recessed lighting. It looked like four of his new roommates were in the main room, he could see a cramped kitchen in one corner, a collection of sofas and gaming chairs, and no less than a dozen screens all playing pornographic material.

“C’mon in.” Said Colin, grabbing his bags. “Boys, this is Jesse!” As his eyes adjusted, Jesse took in more details. His roomates were all whiteboys like him, early to mid-twenties, most of them were wearing little to no clothing.

Colin, a curly haired ginger boy had on short shorts and a crop top. Andreas, had dark hair and was wearing a miniskirt and a bikini top? “That’s cool, I guess?” Said Jesse’s brain as he started putting things together. Ryo, had an oversized tee shirt covered in hentai, and as far as Jesse could tell nothing else. And Andy, who looked the most Normal for lack of a better term, was definitely wearing women’s yoga pants.

“Come on, make yourself comfortable. Looks like you’ve got a lot of stuff, some of it might have to go into storage.”

“Uh, I guess. I didn’t think it was that much.”

“No worries, it looks like you can share close with me and Andreas if you ever need. Let me show you the bedroom.”

The small room had two pieces of furniture, a bunk bed with a twin on the bottom and smaller full bed on top, and a queen-size bed with a used fleshlight dripping jizz out into the covers.

“Sammy works nights, so we figured we could fit one more boy in. You can toss your stuff in the corner for now. Did you want a turn?”

Colin said gesturing at the Fleshlight.

Jesse tried not to recoil, “I’ll pass, do you think I could use the restroom?” Colin pointed the way and Jesse hustled out, not really hearing Colin saying “Kati is filming in there, so you’ll have to play along.”

Jesse burst into the bathroom and closed it behind himself, only to be confronted with the sight of a bikini clad figure bouncing in the bathtub, a camera on a tripod set up on the toilet followed their movements as they were clearly putting in a cam show.

Kati didn’t look too startled by Jesse’s intrusion. She took one hand off the horse cockshe was stroking and guestured him over. She was impaled on a bright green silicone tentacle the size of a traffic cone. Her hair in pigtails, pink banded braces flashing with each smile. Jesse almost missed the tiny bulge in the front of her bikini.

“Uh oh boys, my *step brother* needs to pee. Wait, oh, he says I’m fine where am.”

She smiled at him with a open mouth, motioning “come hither” with her fingers.

“What are you doing bro!?” She said as Jesse approached bemused. He was surprised when she had fished out his dick as soon as he was within range, holding it pointing at her face.

“I can’t believe I’m being made into a urinal by my own step brother!”

She said, pulling his dick close enough to feel her breath, as she opened wide and smiled up at him. Something broke in Jesse and a stream of piss spurted into Kati’s nose, she sputtered in surprise as Jesse just let go.

Soon Kati was gulping down his piss to the last drop. She smiled up at him.

“I guess I need to thank you now?” She said and pulled his dick towards her lips. Jesse had never had a blowjob before, and he was just imagining how it would feel when her lips – he blew. Ugnnnn, he tried to hold back too late, and painted the cam-gurl’s face with his worthless jizz.

“Oh my god!” Jesse cried and collapsed back towards the sink.

“You’re such a Whiteboy, brother.” Kati said to the camera and flipped him off. Then made shooing gesture as she scooped his cum down to her lips.

It was a little strange, but Jesse thought maybe having roommates wouldn’t be so bad.

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